5 Convincing Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Do Outdoor Activities With You

5 Convincing Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Do Outdoor Activities With You

5 Convincing Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Do Outdoor Activities With You – Convincing someone about something is all about knowing the likes and dislikes of that person and then finding a way to address their reluctance. It is not easy to just come and convince your girlfriend to do an outdoor adventure with you.

First, your girlfriend might not be a lover of taking outdoor adventures. Secondly, she might be too lazy or exhausted for the outdoor activity. Therefore, to convince her, you must have ways and good reasons to do that. It is essential to spend time with her before discussing the outdoor adventure while listening and observing her. By doing this, you will have a sense of persuading her while encouraging her to try out some outdoor adventures that might help her body fitness-wise.

Outdoor adventure is a perfect opportunity to improve your relationship. You can seize this opportunity to extend a conversation with her and have a reflection of how your relationship has been. Be it solving some issues you have, bringing out new ideas on things you have planned to do, or having a meaningful conversation that will help both of you. The beautiful sceneries and the fresh air in the outdoor environments stimulate interest in your girlfriend. However, you can consider ways to help you convince your girlfriend to do an outdoor activity with you. They are as follows;

Making A Mood Board Together

A mood board is an image, graphic or picture used to communicate visual ideas or concepts that are well planned and thought out. Showing your girlfriend some photos of a particular place you would prefer to go to for an outdoor adventure will help it feel more real.

When it comes to planning, it will also help to outline the activities you both want to undertake as you go for your desired outdoor activity. Ensure your girlfriend’s outlined activities surpass yours to make her more interested in doing the adventure.

Plan Everything Without Considering Her Help

It is essential if you do not have to keep bothering her to prepare for the things needed for the adventure, or otherwise, she will get bored before you even set off. For example, if you are taking an outdoor adventure like hiking in particular weather, make sure that you are the one to choose the hiking outfit that suits the weather.

If it is during the summertime, choose a light hiking outfit, while if it is during the winter season, choose a waterproof outfit. A waterproof outfit helps prevent water from penetrating through the waterproof jacket or the trouser you are wearing and then to your body, leading to cold; hence, risking your body’s health problems.

Choosing the Best Outfit for Your Girlfriend

This will definitely cheer her up. When you go shopping at Cotswold Outdoors, allow her to choose the outfit she prefers, she will definitely agree to follow you up during your outdoor adventure. For a waterproof outfit, let her choose the best regardless of the cost. Allow her to take the best waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers to prevent her from catching a cold if she does not have the right outfits.

If you both agree that you will go camping, ensure that she picks on the right camping outfit with the best luxury fashion and independent and unique designers. The camping outfit should be heavy enough to keep her warm during winter due to the cold and long nights. Also, your girlfriend should prepare cool outfits that are not overexposing her skin during the summertime.

Talk to Her Hypothetically

Talk to her in hypothetical ways by telling her some suggested ideas or theories about doing outdoor adventures. For example, tell her about speculative stories of a particular hike experience you had that you enjoyed so much and how they ended up being successful. Tell her about a specific interesting place you went on an outdoor adventure that she will enjoy too when she gets there.

Watch an Outdoor Activity-Themed Movie

It will help if you watch outdoor activity-themed movies with the activities you intend to do, be it hiking and camping, biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, or rock climbing. She will get inspired and be in the mood to engage in that outdoor activity. The movie might end up doing all the convincing for you. In addition, planning to carry the best snacks she likes will also put her in the mood and keep her immersed in the act.

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