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A Bronx Tale Full Movie

A Bronx Tale Full Movie is an American crime drama(play) film of 1993 directed by Robert De Niro in his directorial debut and produced by Jane Rosenthal, adapted from the 1989 play of the same name by Chazz Palminteri.

It tells the story of the coming of age of Italian-American boy Calogero, who, after meeting a local mafia boss, is torn between the temptations of organized crime and his honest and hardworking father’s values and tensions racial groups in your country. The Broadway production was turned into a slightly modified film starring Palminteri and De Niro.

More Details About A Bronx Tale Full Movie

Directed by Robert De Niro

Screenplay by Chazz Palminteri

Based on A Bronx Tale by Chazz Palminteri

Produced by Jane Rosenthal, Jon Kilik, Robert de Niro


  • Robert de Niro
  • Chazz Palminteri

Cinematography Reynaldo Villalobos

Edited by David Ray, Robert Q. Lovett

Music by Butch Barbella

Production companies Price Entertainment, TriBeCa Productions

Distributed by Savoy Pictures

Release Date: September 14, 1993 (TIFF), September 29, 1993 (United States)

Running Time: 120 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Budget: $ 10 million

Box office: $ 17.3 million

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A Bronx Tale is available on fuboTV on subscription and AMC for both subscriptions and TV Everywhere.
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Netflix UK: A Bronx Tale is available on Netflix for streaming.

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More About A Bronx Tale Full Movie

A Bronx Tale Full Movie

As a teenager on the streets of the Bronx in the socially turbulent 1960s, Calogero (Lillo Brancato) falls under the wing of local mobster Sonny (Chazz Palminteri). Sonny introduces the boy to the lifestyle of a gangster, who is in direct conflict with his father, the heterosexual bus driver (Robert De Niro). But, while Calogero falls in love with his African-American partner Jane (Taral Hicks), the consequences threaten the entire neighbourhood.

Young Calogero (Francis Capra) lives in the Bronx in the 1950s. He has a strong family led by his father, bus driver, Lorenzo (Robert De Niro). Although Lorenzo is poor, he is highly respected in the Bronx community and is a strict but caring father who hopes Calogero will show his talents. One day, Calogero witnesses how the local mafia boss Sonny (Chaz Palminteri) shoots a man on the street.

The shooting occurred when two cars were involved in a traffic accident, and the man Sonny had shot pulled out a baseball bat and tried to hit another person involved in the accident. The police ask Calogero to identify Sonny as the shooter, but Calogero decides not to. pati patni aur woh song In appreciation for Calogero’s decision to forgive him, Sonny first tries to give Lorenzo a job, although Lorenzo refuses to work for Sonny. Instead, Sonny begins to grow closer to Calogero, despite Lorenzo forbidding such a relationship.

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Sonny Claims his Lifestyle is Demanding

We are jumping to 60, where Calogero (whom Sonny calls “C” and plays Lillo Brancato) is a teenager. He now, he is more related to Sonny than to Lorenzo. We learn that Sonny is relatively benevolent and cold-blooded.

He treats his associates well and usually uses violence as a last resort. Sonny considers Si to be his son and, like Lorenzo, tells him to study hard and not fall into the trap of the mob. Sonny claims that his lifestyle is demanding because people are afraid of him and that when he dies, no one will regret his death.

Additionally, racial tensions have flared in the Sonny area as the schools are forcibly segregated. C Slick’s best friend seems to be the one who hates African Americans the most. Sonny disapproves of C’s friends, saying they are useless and will only cause trouble for C.

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The Love Life of C

In the end, C falls madly in love with an African American woman named Jane (Taral Hicks). Although Lorenzo disapproves of interracial relationships, Sonny thinks that love knows no colour and says that Jane could be one of the “greats.” C eventually asks her out, and Sonny even agrees to lend C his Cadillac for a date.

Before the date, however, friends Slick and C launch an unprovoked attack on some African Americans who ride their bicycles around the neighbourhood. C does not participate in beatings but observes them and cannot avoid them. Also, before going on a date, Lorenzo says that C is a fool to trust Sonny as Sonny doesn’t care about him. C runs out of the house, angry with his father.

C goes after Jane, but Jane brought her brother, one of C’s children, beaten by C’s friends. Although he knows that C was not involved in the beating, the brother tells Jane that C hit him anyway. C loses his temper and uses the word “N,” to which Jane leaves with her brother, and C regrets her actions.

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C is offended by her loved ones

When C returns the Cadillac to Sonny, Sonny discovers that a bomb has been planted under the hood, but it is malfunctioning and did not detonate. Although C had nothing to do with it, Sonny angrily pins him to the wall and accuses C of setting him up. C cries, saying that he considers Sonny to be the second father, and then runs off, thinking that what his father told about Sonny was true.

Lorenzo, after seeing Sonny threaten his son, confronts Sonny and is dumped. Meanwhile, C’s friends, led by Slick, arrive in a car. They have a Molotov cocktails box and plan to break into the black quarter and blow them up. C, contrary to common sense, gets in the car feeling abandoned by everyone he loves.

Sonny regrets what he did and goes after C when he finds out who he is with. Sonny catches up and forces C out of the car while he warns Slick and the others to leave C alone. C is still mad at Sonny, but they tell him that Jane was looking for him in the neighbourhood.

C is thrown, and he runs after Jane. She reveals that her brother confessed to lying about C’s role in previous beatings, and C also apologizes. Finally, they kiss and hold hands. Xi then remembers that Jane’s brother is in danger, and the two travel to the black neighbourhood to warn them of Slick and company.

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Sonny Saved C

When they arrive, they find it is too late, and Slick’s friends have blown up the record store. However, one of the victims managed to grab Molotov and throw him into Slick’s car, which exploded and killed everyone inside. Fortunately, Jane’s brother is okay, and C realizes that Sonny saved him (and always protected him from Slick’s fate).

Passers-by start screaming and threatening C, and he and Jane realize that their relationship cannot work as long as there is so much hatred between the races. C returns to his neighbourhood and wants to thank Sonny for saving his life and guiding him well, but Sonny is shot by a boy of age C when he arrives at Sonny’s bar.

It turns out that the killer is the son of the man Sonny killed at the film’s beginning. Most people don’t mourn Sonny’s passing, but C is the real mourner. During prayer, Lorenzo appears in front of Sonny’s body and mourns C, and they reconcile. Also, the man who was attacked (cameo by Joe Pesci) by the man Sonny killed appears and cries along with K.

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He says that Sonny saved his life by shooting the man with the baseball bat and that the argument was over more than a parking space (though he doesn’t reveal what the dispute was truly about). The man has been friends with Sonny ever since and promises to provide for C on Sonny’s behalf.

C finally leaves the funeral, reflecting that Sonny never rose to fulfil his talent, but glad that he had Sonny and Lorenzo always demanding that he live up to his. C essentially vows to make both his “fathers” proud.

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Box office

A Bronx Tale opened in 1,077 theatres, with an opening weekend gross of $3.7 million. It went on to make $17.3 million domestically.

Year Award Category Nominee Result
1994 Artios Award Best Casting for Feature Film Ellen Chenoweth Nominated
1994 Young Artist Award Best Youth Actor Co-Starring in a Motion Picture Drama Francis Capra Nominated
1996 Jordi Award Best Foreign Actor Chazz Palminteri Also for Bullets Over Broadway and The Usual Suspects Won

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