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Bombard aoe4 – Although it is not a saga as long-winded or as overexploited as others, the role of ‘Age of Empires’ in the history of real-time strategy video games is indisputable. Relic Entertainment, creators of other essential titles such as ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War’ or ‘Company of Heroes’, are in charge of repackaging the classic franchise, something they have done by approaching a historical instalment, the second, and returning to a scenario that we already know.

At the presentation event for the first instalment of the saga in ten years after ‘Age of Empires Online, we were reminded that the genre has evolved, and ‘Age of Empires IV’ wants to be a bridge between the classic style and the new way of looking at gender.

We Go Back to the Middle Ages

‘Age of Empires IV’ returns, as revealed this weekend, to the Middle Ages, that is, the same time that was the backbone of the second instalment. There will be four campaigns with actual historical events, and the first announced is the English conquest of Normandy. According to the game’s narrative director, Philippe Boull, “From a historical point of view, the Middle Ages is an incredibly rich era to explore. Many people today do not understand the extent to which our lives today are based on in what happened in those times, not only in Europe but throughout the world’,

Similarly, Relic has announced that 8 civilizations will be revealed, including China, England, Mongolia, and the Delhi Sultanate. Of the four remaining to be proclaimed, it is already planned that not all will be part of Europe and Asia, so let’s not rule out African or American empires coming into conflict.

Only Eight Civilizations

These civilizations will be different: they will have different ways of moving, attacking, and managing resources. They will not be eight clone civilizations with mere aesthetic changes or the number of units. Each will be touched differently and require the player to adapt to their peculiarities. The team gave an example of the Mongols: being a nomadic empire, all cities can move from one place to another. The group calls “civilization asymmetry” or “semi-asymmetry” because they share some units.

In any case, they say in Relic, “starting with eight civilizations is already a pretty big effort, but we will expand the armies from there.” In other words, following the tradition in the franchise, future growths of the game could bring new societies to play with.

What Variations Are There In The Procedure?

Fundamentally we are facing a classic ‘Age of Empires’, but modified to the new times, although there are still many details to be known, such as the number of troops that can be handled. The videotapes we have seen so far and the statistics dealt with in the multiplayer suggest battles on a much larger scale than what has been experienced in other games in the series.

Some classical mechanics, such as the triangles of forces and vulnerabilities in combat, are still present but adapted, as it does not deny the equipment, to attract players not experienced in the genre. Other choices that the game has presented are ambushes, with which some armies can surprise others by hiding, or sieges, which will serve to weaken walled settlements. Urban battles have also been mentioned, suggesting that the cities will be colossal.

The French in Age of Empires 4 plays similarly to the English. This is another great civilization for beginners due to its tech tree, and the playstyle is similar to that seen in previous games. However, players will want to know a few key differences between English and French to maximize their effectiveness.

How To Win Playing As The French In Age of Empires 4?

Those already familiar with the English in Age of Empires 4 may think of the French as a similar but more aggressive civilization. They lack the defensive advantages of the English but play very similarly.

The French have excellent cavalry, fast inhabitant production, and a cheap resource drop. They can also build merchants that can return any resource, and their melee damage technologies can be researched for free. These unique buffs result in a civilization that can quickly amass resources and harness them to build an army.

The French come to life at Age 3. This is when Keeps can be constructed, which loans itself to another French fan. Any unit produced at an archery range or stable within a fortress’s area of ​​influence is 20% cheaper.

A good tactic to use with the French is isolating the city and maintaining a token army to repel invaders and bombard Age 3. Once Fortresses can be built, they will protect French settlements and cheaper unit manufacture.

The French become the unique Royal Knight cavalry unit that can defeat enemy troops with its carrying capacity and the Arbaletrier. This fluctuated unit can deploy a shield for added defence. These two units work exceptionally well together. Royal Knights can charge up and break enemy formations and quickly move away while Arbaletrier move up, plant their shields and mop up.

Units in Age of Empires IV
Economic Units
Civilian Villager  · Trader
Civilian Ships Fishing Boat  · Trade Ship  · Transport Ship
Military Units
Melee Infantry Spearman  · Man-At-Arms
Ranged Infantry Archer  · Crossbowman  · Handcannoneer
Melee Cavalry Scout  · Horseman  · Knight  · Lancer
Siege Siege Tower  · Battering Ram  · Springald  · Mangonel  · Counterweight Trebuchet  · Bombard  · Ribauldequin  · Culverin
Archer Ship Near  · Galley
Attack Ship Baghlah  · Hulk  · War Junk
Incendiary Ship Demolition Ship  · Explosive Dhow  · Explosive Junk
Warship Baochuan  · Carrack  · Xebec
Religious Units
Religious Monk
Civilization-unique Units
Abbasid Dynasty Camel Rider  · Camel Archer  · Imam
Chinese Imperial Official  · Zhuge Nu  · Palace Guard  · Nest of Bees  · Fire Lancer  · Grenadier  · Junk
Delhi Sultanate Scholar  · War Elephant  · Tower War Elephant
English Longbowman
French Royal Knight  · Arbalétrier  · Galleass  · Cannon
Holy Roman Empire Prelate  · Landsknecht
Mongols Khan  · Mangudai  · Traction Trebuchet  · Light Junk  · Shaman
Rus Lodya Fishing Boat  · Lodya Transport Ship  · Lodya Trade Ship  · Lodya Attack Ship  · Warrior Monk  · Horse Archer  · Lodya Demolition Ship  · Streltsy
Campaign-unique Units
Units Militia  HuiHui Pao
Hero Units Duke William King Harold King Henry I Robert Curthose  King  Louis VI  Willikin  of the Weald William Marshal  Jean de Beaumanoir  Olivier  Arrel  Guy de Rochefort  Geoffroy du Bois  Yves  Charruel Joan of Arc  Genghis  Khan  · Mongke Khan  · Baidar  · Batu Khan  · General Subutai  · Liu Zheng  · Kublai Khan  · Ismail  · Prince Dmitry  · Ivan III  · Ivan IV


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