Essential Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022

Essential Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022

Essential Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022 – Changing jobs is a part of professional growth and development. According to GoRemotely, 91% of professionals change their jobs after every 3 years.

If you are also one of such professionals and want to switch your job in 2022, You can apply for a job and crack the interview first.

After that, you will need to write a 2-week notice letter to your HR and other authorized persons in your current company.

However, you might also need some help in framing your notice letter. For that, you can follow these below-given guidelines that are crafted to help you show your job changing intentions kindly before your employer:

Choose a Professional Letter Format

A professional letter format is the first thing you will need to write a notice letter. Here are the elements that you can use while writing your notice letter in 2022:

  • Name of the person you’re addressing
  • Designation of that person
  • Name of company and its address
  • Date when you are writing the letter
  • Date when you want to leave the company
  • Body of letter
  • End with your signature

Use a Crisp and Clean Language

We advise you to use easy to read language while writing the notice letter. It will help the recruiter understand your concern well.

Moreover, keep your notice letter concise and do not add unnecessary information. You can just mention your concern and show your gratitude at the end with a thanking note.

Don’t Use Negative Tone

Always try to be positive about your current company in your notice letter. Do not talk badly about your current employer, company, or colleagues.

You can maintain a healthy relationship even after leaving your company by keeping the tone positive about everything.

Proofread Before Sending

Proofread your letter before sending it. Like any other official document, your notice letter needs to be error-free to show professionalism. Hence, we advise you to proofread it with a focused mind after completing it.

Mention Your Further Steps

Write about your further steps in the company now. You can mention that you will be performing well till your last day in the company and will hand over every document and essential information to your replacement before joining the next job.

Sign Off Properly

Sign off your resume with your full name and a thanking note for being a nice employer and learning source. It will make your employer feel good even when you’re leaving the company.

Send it to the Authorized Person

After going through all the above steps, you can send your notice letter to the HR manager or any other authorized person in the company.

You can email your notice letter to HR and keep other related people like your manager in cc and bcc.

Key Takeaways

Here are the main points of this guide that will help you write an impeccable notice letter for your next job switch in 2022:

  • Write your notice letter in a professional format
  • Use clean and crisp language while writing your notice letter
  • Keep the tone positive and do not use bad words for any person in the company
  • Proofread with a focused mind before sending it to the authorized person in your company
  • Sign off with a thanking note to show your gratitude towards the employer and company
  • Send it to HR and add your manager in cc or bcc for reporting

These guidelines will help you leave your current company of healthy notes. We recommend you maintain good relations with your ex-colleagues even after leaving the job. Wishing you the best of luck in your next job switch.


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