Guilty Gear Strive Discord – Use It For

Guilty Gear Strive Discord

Guilty Gear Strive Discord – On the main page, you can find articles and websites that apply to fighting games in general. You’ll find guides for monitors and controllers, as well as articles, are written by expert gamers.

Our AMAs with notable players are also archived here.

There’s also a page dedicated to introductory information about Guilty Gear, as well as character-specific resources.

Discord is a way for users to chat in a group with instant messages. It’s quick and easy to join. It’s like a mix of IRC, Teamspeak and AIM.

Feel free to use it for:

Ask people if they want to play Guilty Gear games. There are quite a few people on PSN and Steam.

Participate in netplay tournaments on both platforms.

There is now a dedicated channel for beginners/new players to play against each other.

Ask for general, character or combination instruction.

There are plenty if you want to hang out and have a general discussion of Guilty Gear.

Feel free to participate, whether you’re a new player, a hardcore veteran, or anywhere in between.

Many people are playing with a lot of different skill levels. Don’t be afraid if you think you suck. Someone is probably close to your class or willing to help you learn.

There is now a server specifically for Guilty Gear Strive. This server is not affiliated or run by anyone from this sub or the other server listed here, so please direct any questions or concerns to their staff instead.

Blamed Beasts is a Guilty Gear server that hopes to bridge the gap between newcomers and veterans of the series. Join bi-weekly tournaments and events that push you to your limits as you compete against other server members.

It is a relatively new server, so we may not have many members at first, but we hope to build a large community participating in tournaments. Maybe in the future, we will organize games with cash prizes.

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