Saints Row 4 Loading Screen Stuck Switch

Saints Row 4 Loading Screen Stuck Switch

Saints Row 4 Loading Screen Stuck Switch – Saint Row 4 is an excellent open-world game, and it is prevalent among gamers. But despite this popularity, many users usually report various issues and errors in Saints Row IV on Windows 10.

Often, games launch with minor bugs and issues, which cause problems like crashing and freezing. And the action-adventure game Saints Row IV also has some glitches and bugs that break the entire game.

Users are found reporting Saints Row 4 incompatibility issues, crashing during gameplay or loading, lagging, freezing, running slow, audio issues and many others.

However, the following specific tweaks will fix all these Saints Row IV bugs, issues, and errors. In this article, check out the multiple issues to fix the various problems and bugs in the game and improve Saints Row 4.

But before going ahead, first, check the system requirements to run the game. If your system does not see the minimum system requirements, then this might be the reason to face Saints Row IV issues

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista x86 or x64 with SP2

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q 9300 (4*2500 MHz) AMD Phenom 9850 (4 * 2500 MHz)

Memory: 4GB RAM

Hard disk space: 10 GB of HD space

Tarjeta de video : Radeon HD 5850 (1024 MB) o GeForce GTX 260 GTS (1024 MB)

DirectX: 11

Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0C compatible sound card or equivalent onboard sound

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista (x86 or x64) with SP2

Processor: Any Quad Core Processor (Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X4) or CPU 3.0+ Dual Core

Memory: 4GB RAM

Hard disk space: 10 GB of HD space

Video Card: 1GB Video RAM GPU with Shader

DirectX: 11

Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0C compatible sound card or equivalent onboard sound

How to fix Saint Row 4 bugs?

1: Saints Row 4 cannot be installed:

PC gamers reported this first issue: The Saints Row 4 can’t install. Here you can try certain tricks to fix Saints Row 4 cannot be installed.

Solution: This is possibly the security or antivirus issue blocking the game from installing. Then restrict the Antivirus program and try again.

If you still can’t install the game, this could be the faulty DVD. Try cleaning the DVD with soft cotton and try again.

Or, it could also happen that the download gets corrupted if you install the game with the ISO download and setup file. So try to download it again.

2: Saints Row 4 “Constantly Freezing.”

Saints Row 4 random freezing is a common problem that many users report while playing the game. Some find themselves writing that the game is freezing on the loading screen or during gameplay.

Well, this isn’t very pleasant, but it can be fixed after following some possible solutions:

Solutions: There are several solutions that you need to try one by one to set the Saints Row 4 freezing issue:

Clear system cache

Try updating Nvidia/AMD drivers

Reinstall Microsoft DirectX

If this doesn’t work, then clean your Registry

3: “Saints Row 4 Error Message: Disc cannot be read.”

While playing the game, it crashes with a “Disk unreadable ” error message on the game console. It is another irritating issue with the Saint Row IV game.

Resolution: There are rare things you can try to fix the problem. The solution is only valid for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U users.

First, eject the disc and clean any dust or debris on the Saints Row 4 disc and insert it. Now check if the disk is unreadable. The problem is solved or not.

4: Saints Row 4 crashing on Windows 10

Saints Row 4 crashing issue is prevalent. Most users report game crashing when starting a new game, Saints Row 4 crashing on startup and others.

Well, this is a common problem in high-end graphic games. So, to fix this issue, try some solutions.

Solution: There is no exact solution that works for you. Try several keys one by one to get rid of Saints Row 4 Constant crashes issue:

The primary thing to do is check your graphics card drivers and update them. To update drivers, visit the manufacturer’s website or the official Microsoft website and search for the latest driver update compatible with your system.

Or you can also make use of Driver Easy, which will take care of all your system driver issues and update them automatically.

Download & connect to the newest version of DirectX. However, if you are still facing the issue after the update, uninstall it, reboot your system, and install it again.

Try disabling UAC (User Account Control). Then, click Start > type UAC > Enter. And in the open window, slide the slider down and click. Then reboot the system and try to start the game.

Now instead of launching the game from the Desktop shortcut > go to the Saints Row 4 installation folder in C:\Program Files, then locate Saints Row 4 .exe > right-click > choose Y go to Compatibility Mode > check the box for Disable desktop composition > restart the game.

5. Black Saints Row 4 Screen Problems:

Saints Row IV black screen issue is another irritating issue. It commonly appears due to outdated graphics drivers, if any of the files are blocked by an antivirus, or if another program conflicts with the game.

Solution: Try the possible solutions one by one to fix the black screen issue in Saints Row 4.

Updating graphics card drivers (if not already updated) also update motherboard drivers.

In-game settings, disable VSync, anti-aliasing, and filtering, as well as multi-sampling to make it on lower settings.

Temporarily disable your antivirus program

If you are playing Saints Row 4 on Steam, disable the Firewall or allow SR4 through it to fix the black screen issue

Ensure no other apps conflict with the game > open Task Manager > Process Tab > and stop the unwanted process running in the background.

I hope now the Saints Row IV black screen issue is resolved, but if not, please uninstall the game, clean all directories and reinstall the game.

Game Stuck On Loading Screen

If the game becomes stuck on the loading screen, there are several troubleshooting techniques.

To start, remove Workshop files such as custom logos and graphics that you may have added in preparation. They can sometimes interfere or slow down the game at startup.

We suggest that you delete your cache and preferences and verify the game cache through Steam. Here are the steps to follow:

Delete Preferences and Cache
Check the game files

When you have completed these instructions, relaunch the game (without adding any Workshop and custom files) and see if you pass the loading screen. If all goes well (and you were previously trying to load custom files), close the game and add those files again to see if the issue has been resolved.

If the problem persists :

Firstly, Right-click on your desktop and choose “New” -> “Folder.”

Create a folder and name it to find it (e.g., SI backup)

Then go to the folder under “documents”, which you will find by default in – C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020

It should contain folders such as “games”, “crashes”, etc. Cut them all and paste them into the new folder on the desktop.

Once the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 folder is empty, launch the game. If it works, copy the files again from the desktop, and you should be fine.

If you have tried all, but nothing seems to fix the problem, please get in touch with Technical Support

Deliver as much detail as possible and list troubleshooting techniques as you have already tested so that we can help you.


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