5 Causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome

5 Causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome

5 Causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome – Snapping hip syndrome is common. Roughly one in ten people will experience this syndrome at some point in time. Here’s what often causes this issue.

Hip Tightness

One of the common causes of snapping hip syndrome is tightness around the hip. The hip

needs to be free of any blockages. This allows for the free flow of movement across the joint.

Each hip must be free to operate right as the person moves.

When the hip is tightened up, this can cause many kinds of problems. People may find it hard to

move and feel uncomfortable doing so.

Hip Labral Tear

Another issue that can cause issues is a labral tear. Snapping hip syndrome causes a tear in

the muscle. The labrum is an important part of the body. This is part of the fibrocartilage system.

It attaches to an area known as the rim of the shoulder socket.

In essence, this is the muscle that keeps the hip attached to the ball of the socket. When it

tears, the result can be immense pain and a compromise in the functionality of the joint.

Iliopsoas Tendon Snap

The iliopsoas tendon is the hip flexor tendon. This is the part of the body that drapes across the

hip socket and covers it in front. In general, this is one area of the body that is not often injured.

However, tears may happen.

The same is true of inflammation. Over time, heavy use of this area can make this kind of tear

far more likely, especially in people who are quite active. This can also happen in those who

have particularly prominent hip sockets.

External Issues

External issues can impede the functionality of the hip. This is particularly common when people

do a lot of flexing of the hip. In this instance, what is known as the iliotibial band that is part of

the structure of the hip can snap over what is known as the greater trochanter that forms an

important part of the femur bone.

This can happen in one femur bone or in both femur bones at the same time. It can often be

helped by rest and using painkillers. More serious cases may require surgical intervention.


Unlike other forms of Snapping Hip Syndrome, this one is not caused by problems with tight

muscles. It's also not a problem of the connective tissue. Rather, this is what happens when

someone has an injury to their hip bones.

It can also be caused by a problem such as bone fragments that are stuck in the joint and

unable to be freed. This issue may need surgery in order to remove the bone fragments and

restore functionality to the hip.

If there's persistent pain, the hip needs careful examination by a professional using the latest

technology. Joint Academy is one such healthcare firm that focuses on science and technology

for treating chronic joint pain.

This issue can cause all sorts of problems with movement. Quick, effective treatment can head off any further problems with movement.

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