7 Things That Can Affect Your Thyroid Results

7 Things That Can Affect Your Thyroid Results

7 Things That Can Affect Your Thyroid Results – Regular testing is one of the most effective ways to keep chronic health issues such as hypothyroidism in check. However, the frequency of these tests can sometimes lead to surprising results. What are some of the factors that might cause such deviations from the norm? Let’s examine seven potential issues.

The Time of the Day

As this article observes, thyroid hormone levels vary throughout the day. Taking tests at different times may therefore lead to spurious results. Always try to develop a predetermined schedule.

The Use of Different Laboratories

Although the criteria associated with thyroid testing are standardised, deviations can and will occur from time to time. This is entirely normal and in the majority of cases, it is no cause for concern. To avoid such situations, it could be best to stick with a single testing centre.

Failing to Take Your Medication on Time

Thyroid medication has been engineered to supply your body with constant levels of specific hormones. This is why it is important to remain constant so that you do not experience any effects that may confound testing results. There are even smartphone apps that will remind you when the next dose is due.

Using Different Brands of Thyroid Medication

As a rule of thumb, the chemicals contained within thyroid medications are standardised in order to avoid any potential side effects. It is nonetheless relatively common for test results to differ if you happen to suddenly switch brands. This can be due to the ways in which your body reacts as well as to the
presence of any fillers contained within the formulation. It is always best to remain loyal to a single brand (such as the thyroid medication here).


Pregnant women will nearly always experience fluctuating thyroid hormone levels. There are indeed many times when dosages will need to be increased as a result. The same holds true in regard to menopause. It is still prudent to speak with a physician in order to determine if any changes are warranted.

Improper Dosages

Although this should already be apparent, it still needs to be mentioned. Some individuals believe that taking two doses is appropriate if they happen to have forgotten a session. This can cause subsequent test results to become skewed. In the event that you happen to miss a dose, avoid taking the medication until the next interval.

Comorbid Effects on Other Medicines

There may also be instances when prescription medications interfere with thyroid test results. Here are some well-known examples:

  • Lithium
  • Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Iodine supplements
  • Amiodarone
  • Most interferons

Note that other prescription medications can likewise affect TSH levels and therefore, thyroid test results. Always take time to speak with a physician before implementing any such changes. He or she can determine their effects and if necessary, suggest possible alternatives.

Thyroid tests are extremely important to lead a healthy life. Knowing what can alter test results is therefore crucial if you hope to avoid future surprises!

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