8 Nursing Tools Every New Grad Nurse Needs

8 Nursing Tools Every New Grad Nurse Needs

8 Nursing Tools Every New Grad Nurse Needs – Joining a nurse-like profession is a huge responsibility. Before starting your journey, ensure that you are armed with the proper gear to survive on the medical battlefield. Though some hospitals and health care clinics provide certain equipment to their nurses. But it will be best if you arrange your own basic nursing tools.

Since it is important to have the necessary items in your bag to take immediate action. In this
article, we recommend 8 nursing tools every new grad nurse needs. If you manage these
practical supplies, you will be ready to go on the first day at work.

8 Nursing tools

Below we have mentioned 8 necessary nursing tools that every new grad nurse should
consider. They are useful to maintain your nursing duty properly. You will be prepared for the
common medical situation you may face on the first day of work. So make sure, you have
managed all the stuff and made a kit box for arranging them in a place.

1. Nursing Coat

A nursing coat is an important gear to enhance your personality. It increases your confidence at
work. A nurse should wear a nursing coat while attending professional meetings. Moreover,
most nursing coats have a decent amount of pockets where you can carry small items. Choose
a high-quality white-colored clinic nursing coat.

2. Stethoscope

The stethoscope is the most obvious equipment for any nurse and doctor. Every professional
should have it of their own. It is the primary identifier of any nurse at work. Buying a high-quality
and effective stethoscope is the first preference of professional nurses. Since there are plenty of
stethoscopes from several brands, they all do not provide the same results.

A high-quality, name-brand stethoscope is a considerable investment rather than a low-quality
one. Because low-quality stethoscopes have poor audio and are sometimes uncomfortable to
use. Maybe they need frequency changes as they have a short lifespan. On the other hand, a
high-quality stethoscope will give you support throughout your nursing career.

The best stethoscope has several identifications like a comfortable and precise fit earpiece,
chest, and headpiece should be made of stainless steel for better sound transmitting, crack-
resistant tubing, and air-sealed, flexible diaphragm.

3. Watch

A watch is a supportive tool for nursing duties. You need a trusty and dependable wearable
gadget that will help you to fulfill nursing duties. After all, a health care worker always requires
detailed timing while giving medications to any patient. There are many types of watches,

analog, digital, and smartwatches. However, it would be best if you invest in medical watches for nurses because these watches are designed to meet the demands of nurses. Moreover, they are durable enough to support action-packed duties.

4. A Thermometer

A thermometer is an essential tool when you regularly monitor your patient’s health. It is a
common nursing tool that you use every day. Since body temperature is a core aspect of a
patient’s health condition, you must own a thermometer in your kit. You require a reliable
thermometer that measures the body temperature speedily and accurately.

There are many options available like classic oral or rectal thermometers. But it is worth
considering a non-touch forehead thermometer that prevents the risk of spreading diseases
among patients.

5. Bandage Scissors & Medical Tape

Bandage scissors and the medical tape seem to be basic medical tools compared to others. But
in reality, you are likely to use this equipment often in your day-to-day routine. When you are
highly involved in taking care of a patient, you need to take care of everything from dressing to

That’s why ensure that you always have a pair of bandage scissors and medical tape. In this
way, you will be always ready to bandage the wounds at any time. Make sure, you have a sharp
scissor so that you can quickly and smoothly cut bandages, gauze, and medical tape. The
medical tapes are also needed for post-surgical scar formation. These tapes are the pressure-
sensitive adhesive that is widely used on first aid.

6. Blood Pressure Apparatus

A blood pressure apparatus is a significant instrument for measuring the blood flow of your
patient. It is also known as a sphygmomanometer. It shows a blood pressure gauge, pulse
screen monitor, and blood pressure meter. Its inflatable cuff works in a regulated manner that
comprises a mechanical manometer to measure the body’s pressure. While buying the blood
pressure apparatus, make sure it accurately measures the blood flow.

7. Shoes

Many nurses don’t consider this fact. But professional health care person is aware of it. When
you are a new grad nurse, remember that you may need to be on your feet for many hours at a
time. So comfortable shoes will provide your feet support and protection for a long time so that
you can perform well in your nursing duties.

Pick footwear that gives full support through your arch and heel, features air vent material, other
special features. Thus, you will feel comfortable throughout the day. Moreover, you need to
consider additional safety features like skid-resistant soles for a nice grip.

8. A Notebook

This is an essential addition for a new grad nurse. Sometimes, it is difficult to remember minute
information that you have quickly learned or note the patient’s health condition. So a notebook
helps to note down the quick information that may work any time. Choose pocket-sized sheets
so that you can easily carry around and read the information easily.

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Final Words

Keeping this mentioned equipment in one place is a vital recommendation. These necessary
tools are very helpful when you are a new grad. You can use them always and maintain your
nursing duty. Hence, it is also important to buy professional-grade tools that will provide reliable

Among the above-mentioned tools, you must be careful about buying a stethoscope, blood
pressure apparatus, and medical watches. You must choose high-quality grades for these
pieces of equipment. Though it may prove you costly affair, it is a worthy investment for long
time usage.

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