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Face Lift Surgery Write For Us – Guest Post Submission

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Face Lift Surgery Write For Us

Face Lift Surgery Write For Us

Facelift surgery, or cosmetic facial rejuvenation surgery, tightens and rejuvenates facial sagging due to aging or weight loss. You can defy age with facelift surgery. You can eliminate the negative impact that time could have on your beauty.

Our skin, which loses strength against gravity with ageing, begins to sag over time. Suspended from the cheeks and the entire face, the skin makes the jaw pale, and the sagging skin is gathered on the neck and jowls.

Sagging, misshapen skin is lifted and sits back down. The lifting operation lifts the skin in the opposite direction of gravity.  Excess skin is cut off. It is usually sewn into a spot between the hair behind the ear to hide the scar.

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Face Lift Surgery Write For Us Who Can Undergo Facelift Surgery?

All adult women and men who are uncomfortable with their sagging cheeks, whose facial expression looks old due to loss of elasticity, want to have a younger and fresher appearance and are looking for a permanent solution that can rejuvenate them with facelift surgery.

Even though they are young, people who are dissatisfied with the anatomical structure of their face or facial expression can also benefit from facelift surgery with a doctor’s approval. Depending on the genetic structure, if the skin is loose and the cheeks sag, it is possible to change this situation with a facelift operation.

Although cosmetic surgery operations are done to be beautiful or make a person look more attractive, they may not be suitable for some people. We can list situations that are not suitable for facelift surgery as follows:

People whose general health is not eligible for surgery.

Those who have skin diseases such as roses and psoriasis on the face.

Pregnant and lactating mothers.

People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

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How Is A Facelift surgery Performed?

Plastic surgeons perform facelift surgery under general anaesthesia in an operating room environment, and the surgery lasts between 2 and 4 hours on average. The subcutaneous tissues are stretched and tightened through incisions made below the temples, above the ear, and below the chin. The cheeks, under the chin and the neck, are worn up. Excess skin is cut and removed.

The incisions made in the facelift operation are tiny and are opened in places where they can be hidden, such as under the chin. It’s possible to have a slight scar afterwards, but they’re the kind that you can’t notice unless you look carefully.

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