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How to Avoid Gaining Weight Now You Work from Home

How to Avoid Gaining Weight Now You Work from Home

How to Avoid Gaining Weight Now You Work from Home – In recent years, a great deal has changed when it comes to professional working routines, and whether you have been working from home for the majority of your weekly working hours for some time now or else you have recently switched to hybrid working, it is important to remember to stay physically active.

With that being said, continue reading for a guide on how to avoid gaining weight now you work from home.

Take Your Breaks Outside

If you are lucky enough to have access to a private garden or backyard when it comes time to take a lunch break or even make a coffee, if you are able to step outside for just a few minutes, this can make more of a difference than you may think.

Even the chance to stretch your legs is better than simply sitting at your desk with your coffee, and if you have a long phone call to take, walking slowly around the garden while talking is a great idea too.

Start a New Physical Hobby

Another great tip to avoid gaining weight now you have gone from a busy and active daily commute to work to simply walking up the stairs to your study to begin your working day is to counteract this by starting up a new, physical hobby, such as badminton, tennis, or swimming.

For those people who are living with a health condition or even a temporary physical injury, it is strongly advised to contact your medical doctor or NHS GP to make an appointment to discuss a physical activity that will not cause any undue stress on your body. Secure and private online appointments via video with a qualified medical professional are far more convenient for you and will mean you can get to work with your new, healthier regime far more quickly.

Make Healthier Food & Drink Choices

The third and perhaps easiest piece of advice to know but conversely hardest one to actually enact is to make more conscientious healthier food and drink choices.

Obviously, even the daily work to and from the car to the office burns some calories, and now, with no commute whatsoever, your daily calorie consumption should indeed reflect this reduction in physically exerted energy.

 Be More Present Socially

Finally, one huge difference between working in a physical office or other professional, work-based environment to working from home is the complete change in social interaction levels you will be experiencing.

Now, although this is more relevant to your emotional state of well-being than the physical, there is a link between not socializing with your colleagues in a group setting out of work and your physical fitness. To combat this, the friends you made at work beforehand should still be people who you converse with and regularly contact now that you work from home.

Make arrangements to attend fitness classes, sporting activities, and other outdoor social occasions with your colleagues, therefore increasing your physical activity and also ensuring your social life remains active too.

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