Prozac – (Fluoxetine) How to use Prozac capsules? Side-Effects, Preventions


Prozac (Fluoxetine) is an antidepressant that acts on the brain. It is approved for the treatment of the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), major depressive disorder (MDD), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Panic disorder, and. Bulimia Nervosa

Fluoxetine is used to Panic Attacks, Treat Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, certain eating disorders (bulimia nervosa), and severe premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). This drug can improve mood, sleep, appetite, and energy levels.

It helps to restore interest in everyday life. It can reduce the number of fears, anxieties, unwanted thoughts, and panic attacks. And also, it reduces the need for repetitive activities (forced hand washing, counting, checking, etc.) that interfere with daily activities. Fluoxetine can reduce premenstrual symptoms such as nervousness, loss of appetite, and depression. It can reduce overeating and purge bulimia.

How to use Prozac capsules?

Recite the Medication Guide provided by your pharmacist before starting using fluoxetine and each time you receive a supplement. If you have queries, ask your family Pharmacist or Doctor.

Take this medication by mouth, regularly once a day in the morning, as suggested by your doctor. If you ask for this medication twice a day, your doctor may advise you to take it in the morning and Noon.
If you are asking for fluoxetine for premenstrual problems, your doctor may advise you to take it every day during your period or only for two weeks before the first full day of your cycle. Mark in your calendar to make it easier to remember.

If you are using a liquid preparation, carefully measure the dose with a special measuring instrument/spoon. Do not use homemade utensils as you may not be able to get the correct amount.

The dosage depends on the medical condition and response to treatment. To reduce the risk of side effects, your doctor may start taking this drug at a low dose and advise you to increase it gradually. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully. Take this medication regularly to get the most significant benefit. Take at the same time all day for easier memorization.

Keep taking this medicine even if you feel well. Do not break taking this medicine without first talking to your doctor. Some conditions may worsen if you stop taking the drug suddenly. You may need to taper the dose gradually.
You should see some improvement in a week or two. It can take 4-5 weeks to experience maximum benefits.
Talk to your doctor if your symptoms do not improve or improve.

Side Effects of Prozac


It can cause nausea, sleepiness, dizziness, anxiety, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, malaise, sweating, and yawning. Remember that your doctor has given this drug because he has determined that the benefits for you outweigh the risks of side effects. Many people who take this drug have no severe side effects.

Serious Side-Effects

If you have serious side effects such as abnormal or severe mood / mental changes (agitation, unnatural energy/excitement, suicidal thoughts, etc.). They also include bruising/bleeding, weakness/seizures, tremors (tremors), report it to your doctor immediately, decreased interest in sex, changes in sexual performance, abnormal weight loss.

Simple Side-Effects

Simple side effects such as blood/black/tarry stools, vomiting such as coffee dust, seizures, signs of kidney complications (such as changes in urine production), eye pain or swelling See a doctor/redness, dilated pupils, vision changes (rainbow around night light, blurred vision, etc.).

In the case of diabetes, fluoxetine can affect blood sugar levels. Check your blood sugar regularly and report the results to your doctor. Your doctor might need to change your medications, diet, and exercise when you start or stop taking fluoxetine.

Increase in Serotonin level


This drug can increase serotonin levels and rarely causes a severe condition called serotonin syndrome/toxicity. Tell your doctor or pharmacist about all medications you are taking. You are at increased risk if you also take other drugs that increase serotonin levels. Consult your doctor right away if any of the following symptoms appear: heart palpitations, Hallucinations, severe dizziness, loss of coordination, severe nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea, muscle cramps, cause unknown—fever, unusual agitation/restlessness.

In rare cases, men may experience painful or prolonged erections lasting 4 hours or more. If this happens, halt using this medication and immediately seek medical attention; otherwise, irreversible problems may occur.
Terrible allergic reactions to this drug are rare. However, if you notice symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, such as rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, or shortness of breath, seek immediate medical attention.

It is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice any result other than the above, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Prevention to be taken before using Prozac


Tell your pharmacist or doctor if you have any allergies before taking fluoxetine. Or if you have other allergies. This product might contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions and other problems. Check with your pharmacist for more information.

Before using this drug, ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history, especially your personal or family history of bipolar/manic depression, personal or family history of suicide attempt, liver problems, diabetes, low sodium levels in the blood (may occur with taking “Medicines” “(diuretics), severe dehydration, seizures, gastrointestinal ulcers, personal or family history of glaucoma (angle-closure).

This drug can cause dizziness and sleepiness. Alcohol and marijuana (cannabis) can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Do not operate machinery, drive or do anything that requires your attention until it is safe to go. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Converse to your doctor if you use Marijuana.

The liquid form of this drug contains alcohol. Be careful if you have diabetes, alcoholism, or liver disease. Some medications (metronidazole, disulfiram, etc.) can cause severe reactions when combined with alcohol. Converse with your doctor or pharmacist about the safe use of this product.

Tell your doctor or dentist about all products you use (including prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal products) before your surgery.

Side-Effects on Children

Children may be sensitive to the side effects of this drug, especially weight loss. Check the weight and height of children taking this medicine. The elderly may be sensitive to the side effects of this drug, especially bleeding and loss of coordination. Poor coordination increases the risk of falls. Older people are also more likely to develop low sodium levels in their blood, especially if they take “medications” (diuretics).


During pregnancy, this pill should only be used if necessary. It can harm the pregnancy. In addition, children born to mothers who took the drug during the last three months of pregnancy rarely develop withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty eating/breathing, seizures, muscle stiffness, and constant crying. If your newborn notices any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

Untreated mental / mood problems (depression, panic attacks, OCD, etc.) can be severe and should not be stopped unless directed by a doctor. If you are pregnant, are planning a pregnancy, or may become pregnant, talk to your doctor accurate away about the benefits and risks of using this drug during pregnancy.
This medication can pass into breast milk and have undesirable effects on nursing infants. Talk to your doctor before breastfeeding.

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