5 Supplements To Take For Healthy Bones

5 Supplements To Take For Healthy Bones

5 Supplements To Take For Healthy Bones – The average adult body is made up of approximately 206 bones, each of which provides support, structure, and vital functions for our daily lives. Maintaining healthy bones throughout life is essential as bones allow us to get out of bed each morning and move throughout the day.

Bones also provide support and shield vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, and brain, as well as store minerals that are released throughout the day that play key factors in maintaining healthy bones. Supplements can help to support your bones as you age—here are some of the top ones to know about.

How to Maintain Bone Health Through Vitamins

Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and consuming essential vitamins and mineral supplements boost healthy bones. A few essential vitamins and minerals for bone health include:

1) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial in allowing for healthy bone density as a deficiency in vitamin D may result in bone loss. It also aids in the absorption of calcium — another crucial element in the body. vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, can be absorbed into the body naturally through sunlight or from healthy food sources. However, your physician may recommend you to take supplements of 1,000 IU to 2,000 IU or more daily.

2) Magnesium

There have been many studies linking magnesium deficiency with osteoporosis, as magnesium is critical for bone health. Nearly 60 per cent of magnesium in the body is found within the bones. It promotes healing, reduces the risk of bone fracture, and helps the body absorb and use calcium and vitamin D. High amounts of magnesium consumed through your diet or through supplements greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis or a loss of bone density.

3) Calcium

Calcium is crucial in bone density, strength, tissue, and structure. Nearly all of the calcium stored within the body, up to 99 per cent, can be found within the skeleton. Calcium intake should be increased during certain phases of life, including childhood, pregnancy, and age, as women over the age of 50 and all adults over the age of 70 should increase calcium consumption.

4) Vitamin K

A vitamin K deficiency increases the risk of bone loss, particularly in women. Vitamin K is responsible for regulating bone remodelling — a lifetime process in which old tissue is removed and new tissue grows on the bones.

5) Zinc

As you age, zinc levels within the body experience a natural decline, resulting in a loss of bone density. Zinc is a trace mineral found in fish, poultry, and red meat. Studies have shown a direct correlation between healthy bones and higher levels of zinc.

Other Things You Can Do to Prevent Bone Loss

Besides taking supplements for healthy bones, there are other things you can do to naturally prevent bone loss or weakened bones. Experts recommend consuming a diet high in calcium and vitamin D, such as milk, cheese, spinach, okra, soybeans, and salmon. Participating in regular weight-bearing exercises, including walking, jogging, tennis, pickleball, or dancing, can also help.


Maintaining exceptional bone health is crucial as we rely on our bones to provide normal daily functions. Many positive lifestyle choices, along with taking vitamin supplements, like vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and much more, have proven beneficial to maintaining bone health.

The recommended vitamin levels differ from one person to the next and change throughout the different phases of life. Whether it be through supplements or altering your diet, there are a multitude of ways to maintain healthy vitamin and mineral levels.

And, exercising regularly can help regularly reduce the rate of bone loss, conserve bone tissue, decrease the risk of fractures, and lessen the risk of falling.

If you have a family history of osteoporosis or experience frequent vitamin deficiencies, it’s important that you reach out to your primary care provider to determine the next steps in optimizing your bone health.

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