Direct Cremation vs Traditional Cremation Services

Direct Cremation vs Traditional Cremation Services

Direct Cremation vs Traditional Cremation Services – Many people are talking about the benefits of direct cremation services these days. There are certainly more and more of these types of funeral services being arranged in the UK. However, they do not suit everyone so it is important to know what is involved in one before you make a booking. Of course, the deceased may have already left firm instructions that they would like a direct cremation at the time of their passing. If so, then it is right to honour their wishes. However, if there are no instructions or you have simply been told to arrange a low-cost funeral, then there are some inexpensive options to consider in comparison to a direct cremation service. How do they stack up?

What Happens at a Direct Cremation?

At a direct cremation service, a crematorium will be booked to carry out the legally binding process involved in cremating a deceased person properly. However, there will be no service. As such, no mourners are allowed to attend. The funeral directors will use a skeleton staff to take the body in a simple coffin to the crematorium. No flowers, officiant, prayers, readings, eulogies or music will feature. Only afterwards will someone from the family be permitted to retrieve the cremated remains. Given the restrictions that are in place, some find that they’d prefer not to go down this route but there are sound reasons for choosing a direct service.

Why Do People Choose Direct Cremations?

Typically, people ask for a direct cremation because they want to spend as little as possible. If the deceased wanted all of their estate to be inherited and wasn’t bothered about their funeral, then why not book one? Equally, some individuals take our pre-payment plans so they’ve covered the costs of a direct funeral before they pass on. Under such circumstances, it wouldn’t be appropriate to choose any other sort of service. Of course, for some people, it isn’t about money. They want a direct funeral because of its simplicity and lack of fuss. After all, a memorial of life service can always follow at a later date, if wanted.

How to Arrange a Low-Cost Traditional Cremation Service

If you have decided that a direct cremation service would be too austere for you and the other mourners, then you can try to keep on top of the costs of a more traditional service instead. There is no need to hire limousines or a horse-drawn hearse, after all. Numerous people ask funeral arrangement firms to help them make choices that will fit their budgets, nowadays. According to Newrest Funerals, a company with years of experience arranging low-cost cremations throughout the UK, it helps recently bereaved mourners stop worrying about spiralling costs.

By relying on the expertise of professionals it is possible to choose to retain the most important aspects of a traditional cremation while doing away with elements that are not necessarily needed. Of course, what is important and what is not is highly personal when it comes to funerals so it is always something that needs to be tailor-made. The good news is that, in the UK, the funeral industry is geared up to offer these sorts of bespoke arrangements.

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