Make your Hair Care Routine better with Godrej Professional Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Hair Care Routine with Godrej Professional Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Make your Hair Care Routine better with Godrej Professional Sulphate-Free Shampoos – An honest hair care routine always starts with an honest shampoo that will both wash and nourish your hair, regardless of your hair type. However, how can one tell if shampoo is sweet or not? Of course, keep an eye on the ingredients list on the back of the bottle! People have recently begun to pay attention to what goes into the creation of their favorite haircare products. This has led in the introduction of a new wave of sulphate-free & Harmful chemical free shampoos related haircare products to the market. Let’s first define what sulphate-free shampoos are.

Sulphate-Free Shampoos: What Are They?

Sulphate-free shampoos, often known as SLS-free shampoos, are those that do not include sulphates. Sulphates are a type of surfactant found in shampoos and are responsible for foam. Furthermore, they make it easier to remove dirt from the hair and scalp. Two of the most prevalent sulphates found in hair care products are sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium Laureth sulphate.

Sulphates, on the other hand, are found in a variety of household cleaning products. Sulphates are thought to have a comparably harsher effect on your skin, scalp, and hair. As a result of this issue, sulphate-free shampoos have gained popularity.

Shampoos without sulphates have a number of advantages

If you don’t mind not getting a foamy effect when shampooing your hair, sulphate-free shampoos are a great choice because they provide many benefits without drawbacks. The following are some of the advantages of using best sulphate-free shampoos on a regular basis:

1.) Moisture Is Maintained In Hair

Using a shampoo without SLS helps hair retain moisture as well as natural oils in the scalp. This guarantees that the hair stays smooth and lustrous after each wash. For optimal results, combine a sulphate-free shampoo with other sulphate-free haircare products.

2.) Color-Treated Hair Is Protected

Always choose for a sulphate-free shampoo when it comes to coloured hair. Color-safe shampoos are sulphate-free since they are mild and do not take the colour from the hair strands. This may help to keep your hair colour from fading too quickly.

3.) Prevents long-term chemical exposure

Hair is also protected from long-term exposure to harsh chemicals when sulphate-free shampoos are used. This may ensure that the hair remains strong and healthy for a long time.

4.) Frizz and dryness are reduced

There are a variety of sulfate-free shampoos for dry hair that not only moisturize but also minimize frizz. Frizzy hair is notoriously tough to manage. Your tresses will be more manageable and simpler to style if you use a sulphate-free shampoo in your routine.

5.) Sensitive Skin Friendly

If conventional shampoos irritate your scalp, causing itching, redness, or other kinds of irritation, onsider switching to SLS-free shampoos, which are gentle and contain no hazardous chemicals.

6.) Environment-Friendly

Natural and organic components are commonly used in sulphate-free shampoos. This also makes them environmentally friendly.SLS-free shampoos that are mild and sensitive are also gentle on the eyes. If you accidentally get a speck of SLS-free shampoo in your eye, don’t worry; there will be no stinging or burning.

What to Consider When Purchasing A Sulphate-Free Shampoo

To create the best sulphate-free shampoo, choose one that is appropriate for your hair and scalp. Consider your hair type while shopping for a sulphate-free shampoo: is it dry and frizzy? Is it broken? Is this normal?

Godrej Professional offers some of the best hair care products, such as sulphate-free shampoos for different hair types.

For All Hair Types:

Keracare Recharge Shampoo: The Godrej Professional Keracare Recharge Shampoo is one of the most basic hair care products because it is good for all hair types, from frizzy to dull. It’s blended with acai oil and menthol, making it the most straightforward shampoo for dry and frizzy hair. Use it in conjunction with the Keracare Recharge Conditioner for best results.

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For Chemically Treated Hair:

Keracare Repair Shampoo:

Because it aims to revitalise chemically-treated hair, the Godrej Professional Keracare Repair Shampoo is one of the easiest shampoos for dry and color-treated hair. It contains grapeseed oil and wheat protein, both of which are beneficial. Use it in conjunction with the Godrej Professional Keracare Repair Mask for optimum results.

Godrej Professional also has a wide range of other sulphate-free hair care products that can helpyou manage and style your hair:

  • For frizzy hair, use De-Frizz Smooth Leave-In Cream.
  • Protect Shine Serum is a treatment for hair that is dry and lifeless.
  • Acai oil is recommended for hair that is dry or damaged.
  • For dull hair, use Argan Oil for Hair.
  • For all hair types, the Hold It Spray is a must-have.
  • Make a splash! Shine Spray is a product that may be used on any type of hair.


Godrej Expert’s customers may enjoy professional haircare from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to its four decades of experience. Head over to our e-store and start shopping for the best of Godrej Professional’s sulphate-free haircare. Godrej Professional items will be delivered to your home!

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