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How to Personalize Your Work Uniform as a Nurse?

How to Personalize Your Work Uniform as a Nurse_

How to Personalize Your Work Uniform as a Nurse? – As a nurse, your scrub uniform is essential for a lot of reasons. Your scrubs save you time in the morning and money at the mall, they create a sense of belonging between you and your colleagues and within the landscape of healthcare, they keep you looking professional, and they keep you performing like a professional. Unfortunately, in the process, your scrubs uniform can also potentially leave you feeling a loss when it comes to your sense of identity or the ability to showcase it.

Luckily, no matter what your role or restrictions may be, there are always underappreciated details to incorporate and overlooked pieces to personalize! From updating your nursing outfit with cute scrub sets that actually project your personality and suit your style to amplify your ensemble with accessories, especially for nurses, the options are only limited by your personality itself!

Perfect Your Color Palette

First and foremost, you’ll want to note the colours in your uniform if you have a specific set of scrubs assigned or a particularly strict dress code. Along with what these colours are, you’ll want to note what other colours complement them best, and even which of those colours complement YOU best. By establishing a colour palette that works with your uniform and complexion alike, it will become easier to begin the process of building a work wardrobe where all of the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a look that’s personally and professionally appealing – and looks amazing on you!

Play with Patterns

Fun and tasteful printed scrub tops and bottoms, no matter what the pattern, is the best way to personalize your work uniform. As a tip, you’ll want to buy printed scrubs as a set – but you’ll more than likely always wear the pieces individually! A printed piece paired with a solid (in a complementary colour) will be a subtle but significant and foolproof way to showcase your style.

Add Appropriate Accessories

Many roles that require uniforms also have strict dress code policies that determine what accessories can or can’t be worn with their uniforms – and nursing is no exception. That said, these are also roles that have seen accessories created especially for them, with these policies in mind. When combined with the clean slate that is your scrubs, there is the potential for these special accessories to really pop, so consider:

Shape Your Silhouette

While you may feel unflatteringly bound to baggier-than-you’re-used-to pants or a boxy-beyond-belief top, the ways to make it work are not quite so limited! By simply noting the shape and a silhouette that your scrubs create (along with what you like and don’t like about it), it can become far easier to figure out the perfect pairings to conceal what you don’t like complement and call attention to what you do.

Delight Them with Details

Not only are there many details and features to choose from in scrubs that will help to display your personality, but if you’re a nurse who has a bit more freedom in your dress code, these details can even help you improve on certain aspects above such as achieving your sought-after shape. So, consider:

Lean Into the Look Even If You Don’t Like It

No matter what dress codes you’re bound to and how you feel about your nursing uniform on a personal level, it’s important to look at your scrubs first and foremost as a symbol of your profession. While you and every other nurse in your unit may be dressed the same, you don’t have to be seen as the same people. The options for personalization vary as much as the personalities themselves!

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