Role Of Online Learning In Bringing Positive Changes In The Educational Industry

Role Of Online Learning In Bringing Positive Changes In The Educational Industry

Role of online learning in bringing positive changes in the educational industry – Online learning today is being considered as the next step for the future owing to the several benefits that it has been providing to the students in the last few years. The sudden start of the covid-19 pandemic had made it mandatory for educational institutions to make use of the online learning process so as to ensure that the education of the students was not hampered. In the last few years starting from 2020 it has been found that the online system has enabled the students to have better time management skills and has also shown the better performance of the students and the examinations.

Moreover, It has been found that the governments of the countries have also come forward to help the students and the teachers make this entire process a success. This has also led to the development of a separate industry thereby contributing positively to the economy of the country. The sudden increase in demand for education apps from students and teachers alike has highlighted the popularity of these educational applications. The positive change that this online learning has brought is that it has enabled the students to connect with teachers from across the countries and even across geographical boundaries in pursuit of better knowledge.

This has also helped in increasing the skills of professional students and made them more employable in the market. Each of these factors has great positive repercussions and has the ability to push the economy forward and help in the growth of its GDP. The start of the entire new industry in the educational sector has contributed positively towards revenue generation of the government for outlining the importance of online learning today.

Effect of online learning on teachers

The online learning process has brought forward an Arena for the Teachers where they have the liberty and freedom to teach students as per their liking. Despite the initial confusion for the Teachers regarding how to teach online, it has been found that educators and teachers quickly adapt themselves to the procedure of online learning. The availability of training courses for teachers regarding how to teach online has made it easier for them to understand the intricacies of the technology and utilize it for effective response.

There have been several new software developed by private organizations for the teachers so that they can effectively teach online and ensure that they are able to track the progress made by each and every student. It is important to understand that the fundamental foundation of a good online learning application is its teachers. It is the teachers who outline the quality of studying and the popularity of an online platform. Moreover,

Through the presence of online applications, it has also become possible for the students to reveal the good quality teaching of good teachers across the country and across geographical boundaries. The presence of such teachers has enabled students to have a better understanding of the subjects and thereby get good marks in examinations. Therefore it can be stated that in the online learning process students and teachers have been able to connect with each other and walk towards each other’s benefit.

Role of Government

The government also has an important role to play in enhancing the popularity of the online learning process, especially in emerging economies. The government has been able to understand the benefit of the online learning system and the reach it has to provide better education across the nation. As a result,  the government has been working towards strengthening the online learning process by distributing technological devices such as tablets and Smartphones to the students who need them.

It is important to understand that the Canonical backgrounds of All students are not the same and there are several economic disparities. In such cases the government has come forward, along with several other non-profit organizations, to help the needy students and ensure that they are not deprived of good quality education. In this way, the government has further accelerated the process of online learning and increased its demand among both the students and teachers. Therefore, it can be stated that the popularity and demand of online learning along with its Benefits has far-reaching positive consequences.

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