Questions You May Have When Buying Clip-on Hair Extensions

Questions You May Have When Buying Clip-on Hair Extensions

Questions You May Have When Buying Clip-on Hair Extensions – Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and colour to your hair instantly, but they can get expensive if you’re buying them from a salon every few months.

According to reports, North America will likely reach a revenue share of over $5 billion by 2026 in the hair extensions market.

For most people, extensions are a significant investment because they require upkeep, and, depending on the type of extension and the frequency of usage, may be very costly to maintain.

Luckily, clip-on hair extensions ensure your hair always looks great without the high price tag. If you’re curious about these extensions, there are a few questions you may have.

What are Clip-on Extensions?

Clip-ons are wigs or pieces of synthetic or human hair sewn together to create a small mane that can be clipped onto your head. These extensions come in various colors and lengths, and they’re designed to look as natural as possible.

They come in a few different pieces: a base piece, a mane (or body), and clips for attaching it to your natural hair. Further, because these wigs are so lightweight, you may not even realize you’re wearing them.

How Do You Apply Clip-ons?

It’s easier than you think. The extensions come with detailed instructions that walk you through every step of the application process.

Here is a quick overview for reference:

❖ Brush your hair before clipping on the mane to remove any tangles.

❖ Put the mane in place, secure the clips into your hair with bobby pins, and then attach the base piece. If necessary, you can use adhesive tape instead of bobby pins (this is only recommended for occasional wear because the tape can damage your strands).

❖ Style it just like you would style your natural hair. Remember to section off your hair when styling before clipping on the mane for best results. It helps blend in extensions even more seamlessly.

How Do You Take Care of The Clip-on Extensions?

Like regular shampoo and conditioner, you must wash your hair extensions every few days.

You can clean them with a bit of shampoo and some warm water if they’re made from synthetic hair. If they’re made of human hair, it’s best to purchase a special brush for washing them.

After cleaning the mane and clips, let them dry overnight on a wig stand. You must also take care of the base piece, but it has to be replaced every so often because it can get tangled with your natural strands.

For easiest styling and upkeep, you should always wear clip-on extensions in a style That’s similar to your hair texture. For example, if you have straight hair, it’s best to wear straight clip-ons.

How Much Do They Cost?

Clip-on extensions are typically more affordable than other types when you go to a salon because labor costs are lower. However, prices vary at different salons, so you should always shop around for the best price.

Online stores have even more affordable rates because there’s no intermediary involved in the process.

You can buy a set of high-quality clip-ons from an online store for around $20 to $40.

Most extensions will last between six and twelve months, which means you’ll pay less compared to salon rates in the long run.

If you’re going to use clip-on extensions every day, you’ll want them to last as long as possible, and you can extend their lifespan with proper care.

Is It Hard To Install Clip-on Extensions?

Clip on hair extensions are much easier to install than other types because they Don’t require any heat application or glue.

All you have to do is put the mane in place and attach it to your natural hair with bobby pins or adhesive tape. You can wear clip-ons during a haircut, just like you would wear a regular wig. The stylist will cut them to fit your head perfectly, ensuring a seamless blend between the base piece and the mane.

How Do You Maintain Clip-on Hair Extensions?

You must wash your clip-ons frequently. Wash them every few days with shampoo and some warm water if they’re made out of synthetic hair, or buy a special brush for washing them if they’re made of human hair.

The base piece does not need to be washed because it’ll get tangled with your natural strands. Instead, you should replace it every few months.


Clip-on hair extensions are genuinely convenient to wear. They give you flawless looks without the hassle of glues or messy adhesives. With the proper maintenance, they’ll last for several months or even a year – which is longer than many other types of extensions – and they’re much more affordable than salon prices. It’s best to wear clip-on extensions in styles similar to your natural hair.

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