Vegan Diet Write for Us – The vegan diet, or veganism, is a specific diet that bans all products of animal origin or involves any form of animal exploitation. Therefore, it concerns meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs and honey. It also applies to products from animal exploitation, such as honey. Thus, the principle of this diet is simple: ban all foods of animal origin from the plate.

Basically, Vegans consume foods exclusively from the animal kingdom. It includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, oilseeds and nuts, fungi, bacteria, legumes, and cereals.

Moreover, the vegan diet is a way of life more than a diet. That is to say, the vegan diet or vegan diet consists of eliminating all foods of animal origin: meat, fish, and shellfish but also (unlike the vegetarian diet) eggs, dairy products and honey. However, it is mainly practiced for ethical, health and ecological reasons.

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Vegan Diet Write for UsOrigin Of Vegans

In the early 1806s, medical recommendations began to advise against consuming certain products of animal origin, such as eggs or dairy products. However, it wasn’t until discovering vitamin B12 in 1948 that veganism began to spread and become a more typical diet. Moreover, vitamin B12 plays a vital role in vegan diet.

The Main Points of the Vegan Diet:

Firstly, based on an all-vegetable diet

Secondly, prohibition of consuming meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and bee products

Includes vitamin B12 supplement

Lastly, diet humble to the environment and animal welfare

How Does The Vegan Diet Work?

The vegan diet should be balanced and varied. Despite the prohibited foods, the need for different nutrients must be covered by substitute plant foods of good quality.

plant foodDifferences Between A Vegan And A Vegetarian?

These relative terms can easily be confused, yet they are indeed three distinct typologies:

Vegetarians consume all food groups except meat, fish and seafood.

Vegans follow a vegan diet that excludes all foods of animal origin (including eggs, dairy products and honey).

However, Vegans are vegans and extend this philosophy to many daily choices: they do not use silk, leather or wool, do not take medicines with recipients of animal origin. They even do not use cosmetics containing ingredients derived from animal exploitation. And also, Vegans are often vegan, but not always.

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