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amWaxing Write For Us

Waxing Write For Us

As people know, waxing was invented in Egypt in 1150 BC. They said that women’s bodies should be smooth and hairless.

Waxing is the hair removal process from the body parts such as hands, underarms, and legs, where people think it’s disgusting to have it.

This process is done through wax strips or creams to remove the hairs from the tip of the roots.

Oil is applied to the skin before and after waxing, which smoothens the skin, nourishes it, and so on.

The person should have/4inch of hair to ensure proper removal of hairs.

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What are the types of waxing?

1.Soft wax

This wax is applied thinly and removed using cloth or paper strips from the body. It stick to the hair, perfectly for larger areas like arms and legs.

This helps in removing thin and small hairs from your body.

It is also effective for larger areas for easy  removal of hairs, but this is not suitable fof sensitive skin or irritiative type of skin.

2.Hard wax

This wax does not require any strips for hair removal.

Once  it is apply, it is harder to peel off from the skin directly.

The main benefits of hard waxing is that it is less painful than soft wax and is perfect for sensitive areas as it holds hair rather than skin.

3.Pre-Made Wax Strips

This type of wax strips are ready made and are easily available at any cosmatics stores to use.

They are very comfortable to carry any were for easy touch ups.

These are not suitable for larger areas as arms and legs as they are compared to traditional methods of waxing.

4. Chocolate Wax

It is a different of wax which includes cocoa and glycerin used for skin-nourishing properties and lovely chocolate aroma.

The benefit of chocolate waxing is, it is mild on the skin for sensitive areas.

5.Fruit Wax

This type of wax is used for hair removal which is filled with fruit extracts of berries or citrus.

This enzymes in the wax help the skin while removing the hair. It’s frequently used for natural and skin-friendly properties. This wax ingredients helps in moisturizing the body in an organic way depending on the nature of the  body.

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