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Waxing Write For Us

Waxing Write For Us Waxing is an essential step in the maintenance of skis and snowboards. It aims to extend their lifespan and achieve better performance. Firstly, you have to pick the correct type of wax. The most common is universal wax. On the one hand, the solid resin is generally in the form of a bar and is applied hot.  Versatile, it adapts to all weather conditions and all practices. It is ideal for beginner skiers and snowboarders, occasional, who want to care for their equipment without complicating their lives. For more experienced athletes, there are also more technical waxes to be adapted according to the type of snow. They are marked with colours: yellow, red, purple, blue, green. Yellow is suitable for warmer and wetter snow, green for very cold and dry snow.

On the other hand, the wax can also be in liquid form, sprayed, and applied cold. The application is thus faster. Some waxes contain fluorine and are very well suited to high humidity conditions. Finally, retention waxes are used for cross-country skiing, which will not facilitate sliding but, on the contrary, increase grip.

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What Is The Method For Good Maintenance?

Waxing Write For Us We recommend waxing your skis at the end of each season and every ten outings as a general rule. The hot Waxing, from a solid wax, is most effective.  Cold Waxing is instead used for troubleshooting or when you need to be fast. First of all, bring your waxing accessories, and place the ski or snowboard on your waxing table. The first step is to rid the soul of stones, dust, and other impurities. To do this, apply a wax remover, then brush in the direction of the glide. Then take your waxing iron and use the ski wax on it to melt it.

Spread it evenly on the sole, passing the iron slowly from the spatula to the heel. Be careful. Not ever leave the iron in one place for too long, as this may damage the surface. Wait between one and two hours for the wax to dry and soak the base, then remove the excess with the waxing squeegee. Finally, brush and polish, always back and forth. Working in a ventilated room is OK not to be bothered by the fumes, especially when using fluoride wax.

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