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6 Reasons To Show Up At Your Dental Appointment

6 Reasons To Show Up At Your Dental Appointment

6 Reasons To Show Up At Your Dental Appointment – Despite the importance of one’s oral health, it’s still surprising how many individuals think they don’t need regular visits to the dentist or cancel their dental appointments. There’s always that excuse of being too busy, or that they simply don’t want to spend for it. Or, the notion that brushing their teeth three times daily is enough.

Whatever your reasons are, this might be the time to throw those out of the window and start showing up to your dental appointments. These include regular appointments for only minor workups and even major treatments like surgery and dental implants.

Are you guilty of skipping your dental appointments? It’s time to change that habit. Here are some of the reasons why you should always show up at your dental appointment.

1. It Gives You Chance To Have A Thorough Examination

No one else can best examine your teeth than a dentist can. And, even if your teeth look healthy and well to you, you can never see what’s behind each tooth or what your gum condition may be.

It’s only through the dentist’s expertise that all the little spaces, gaps, and hidden areas in your teeth and gums are thoroughly checked.

Generally, the rule of thumb to follow is to have your teeth checked at least once every six months. If you don’t have your teeth regularly examined by a medical professional, you’re putting your oral health at risk by not being proactive about any possible oral health problems your gums, teeth, and mouth may have.

2. It Reduces The Risk Of Tooth Loss

Teeth loss in adults can happen due to two main reasons: age and trauma. For pediatric patients, it’s normal to move from baby teeth to permanent teeth. When parents aren’t careful, their kids’ teeth can also have cavities which, in the long run, contributes to tooth loss.

While there are now modern dental treatments like teeth replacement to cover for permanent tooth loss, it’s still best if you can prevent or at least reduce its likelihood of occurring. Being responsible with your regular dental visits allows your dentist to discover the early signs of dental decay and other problems, to prevent tooth loss.

3. It Gives Your Teeth And Gums A Thorough Clean

Even if you’re responsible enough to brush your teeth at least twice or thrice daily, it might be insufficient in giving your teeth a deep clean. This can only be performed by a dentist. Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist ensures that they stay in good shape.

Albeit only a small part of your entire body, your oral health is just as important as all other facets of your health. Whatever dirt and food debris stay in your mouth, no matter how small, that goes down your throat, and into your body. So, when you think of it, it’s like you’re bringing dirt back to your body.

Good oral health can also save you from some of the horrors of gum disease, tongue and teeth disease, and bad breath, among others. A thorough dental clean should, therefore, be a part of your proper hygiene routine.

4. It Prevents Your Teeth From Getting Stained

Have you been overly conscious about your smile lately? Well, perhaps that’s because you haven’t given your teeth the TLC they need.

On top of that, your lifestyle may contribute to stained teeth, as well. This fact is particularly true for those of you who love to drink coffee and smoke. If that’s the case, then you need professional help to clean your teeth and prevent them from getting stained.

Aside from doing some tweaks in your lifestyle, keeping up with your dental appointments can bring back the confident smile you once thought you lost.

5. It Enables You To Have Fluoride Treatments

Another compelling reason to show up at your dental appointments is for you to be able to have regular fluoride treatments. The average child with healthy teeth will need this at least once every three months. For adults, this can be done once every six months or annually.

Fluoride treatments are one of the breakthroughs of modern dentistry. These treatments help re-mineralize your teeth and strengthen their surface. In essence, it’s a form of proactive treatment to prevent the further decaying of your teeth.

6. It Prevents Tooth Infections

No matter how mild your toothache or pain maybe, that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Tooth infections can be serious, especially when they’re left untreated. Beyond the gums and the teeth, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues, bones, and even to the other parts of the body.

Hence, what could’ve been a small, treatable, and controllable tooth infection now has a risk of progressing into a serious health complication.


When you factor in the list above, it’s important to remember this. Skipping your dental appointment is going to cost you more than regularly going to one. Oral health is just as important as the other facets of your health. So, no matter how tempted you are to skip going to the dentist, never be a no-show.

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