Breathe Essential Oil Benefits

Breathe Essential Oil Benefits

Breathe Essential Oil Benefits – Breathe… in a panic attack; to stop feeling jittery; when faced with a predicament; before taking a decision; before taking an exam; before taking a penalty shoot. A lot of situations and circumstances in life can be made a little bit easier by taking a deep breath. But, what if the very source of living is blocked? Anyone and everyone have at least gone through the trouble of a stuffy nose. Stuffy or congested nose is one of the most discomforting and annoying health issues. One of the simplest solutions to clearing a congested nose is to make use of essential oils. But, there are many types of essential oils in the market, each with certain health benefits. So, which one is the best essential oil for treating congestion, both nasal and chest? Look no further, Breathe essential oil is formulated to take care of breathing issues. And, GyaLabs breathe essential oil is a reliable solution for breathing troubles. GyaLabs Breathe is not made of a single essential oil, but it is a gyalabs breathe respiratory blend.

What Oils are in GyaLabs Breathe?

This essential oil blend is made up of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Bay Laurel Leaf and Lemon essential oils.

Gyalabs Breathe Ingredients

Breathe oil is made up of several different oils. Each of these oils has several active ingredients that make it potent. Here are some of the ingredients in the individual oils of Breathe.

Peppermint essential oil – It is mainly composed of menthol and menthone. Menthol when inhaled will clear the airways and suppress cough. Menthone is used to eliminate respiratory infections.

Eucalyptus essential oil – It is composed of an intricate mixture of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, phenols, esters etc. Monoterpenes have antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties avoid infections and promote proper breathing. Sesquiterpenes are pharmaceutical agents which improve cardiovascular health.

Tea Tree essential oil – Some of the ingredients in this oil are 1, 8-cineole, alpha and gamma-terpinene, and alpha-pinene. 1, 8-cineole has been scientifically proven to reduce and eliminate inflammatory diseases in the airways.

Bay Laurel Leaf essential oil – It is composed of a compound pinene which has Bronchodilator properties. This property enables it to open blocked airways.

Lemon essential oil – The active ingredients here are limonene, sesquiterpenes, esters and aldehydes. More than 90% of this oil is made of limonene which has several disease-preventing properties.

How to Use Breathe Essential Oil?

There are several ways to use GyaLabs essential oils. Two of the most popular ways of using the oil are – topically and aromatically. The fresh minty aroma of the oil can be dispersed in the room with the help of a diffuser. The oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which eliminates any bacteria or fungus in the vicinity and enhances smooth breathing. Each of the oils in GyaLabs Breathe (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Bay Laurel Leaf and Lemon essential oils) has many properties which aid the process of respiration. GyaLabs breathe diffuser blends are also helpful in relieving respiratory issues. Blend this oil with any other essential oil to get a pleasant and aroma-therapeutic scent.

About GyaLabs Breathe Essential Oil

Of all the Gyalabs oils for breathing, GyaLabs Breathe oil is the most popular one because of its ease of use and effectiveness in decongesting the nasal airways. It clears the airways due to the presence of several essential oils and their active ingredients, which are proven to get rid of the mucous and phlegm in these airways. These oils and their ingredients improve the breathing process by cooling and energizing certain inflamed blood vessels.

GyaLabs Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

  •         Topical application of GyaLabs Breathe oil is the best way to get immediate results from nasal or chest congestion. Deep breaths after applying the oil will deliver the cooling effect of the oil to the lungs, helping it drain the mucus and opening the blood vessels.
  •         Breathe oil is also a good essential oil for the clogged ear. Slightly heat the mix and pour a few drops (two to three) into the ear to reduce the inflammation and clear the ears. It is also one of the effective essential oils for blocked eustachian tubes.
  •         Allergies are heightened and health deteriorates with changing seasons. Seasonal threats can be done away with by the use of gyalabs oils breathe. Diffuse this oil at the office and at home to avoid any health issues and allergies. Rubbing this oil (mixed with a neutral oil) can be rubbed on the palms or feet to avoid seasonal allergies. Those who enjoy the outside world (trekkers and campers) are more affected by seasonal allergies and diseases. Topically applying the oil before venturing outside will protect the body against germs and allergies, thus enjoying the outdoors without the fear of seasonal allergies and diseases.
  •         Breathe essential oil diffuser gradually disperses the sedative aroma of the oil across the room. Those battling insomnia or other stress-related sleeping disorders can cozy up the ambience and use the diffuser to spread the aroma for a pleasant night’s sleep. Those lying awake due to external factors can also try this effective method to fall asleep quickly. The aroma also brings about serenity which enables sound sleep.
  •         Breathe oil can ease a sore throat. Rubbing the mix on the sore throat on a regular basis will lessen the discomfort caused by it. Minor breathing difficulties caused by nervousness or climate change can also be reduced by rubbing the essential oil breathe on the chest.

How to Use Gyalabs Breathe?

Breathe oil can be used just like any other essential oil. It is particularly useful during colds, flues, nasal and chest congestions, breathing difficulties and seasonal allergies. There are two ways of using gyalabs essential oil.

  1.       Diffusion – Choose a breathe diffuser and add two to three drops of the oil. The diffuser will disperse the scent within a few minutes. The aroma of breathe will stay in the atmosphere for four to six hours.
  2.       Topically – First, dilute the breathe oil with a carrier oil to reduce irritation and then rub it at the affected region for a few seconds. And then relax for the oil to work.


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