Dealing With Hair Loss 7 Remedies For Men And Women

Dealing With Hair Loss 7 Remedies For Men And Women

Dealing With Hair Loss 7 Remedies For Men And Women – According to statistics, around 35 million men and 21 million women experience hair loss worldwide. This problem doesn’t only affect a person’s physical appearance; people with hair loss may also have increased risks of many psychiatric disorders, namely paranoid disorder and social phobia.

Hair loss has become a more prevalent problem as it continues to affect millions worldwide, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to prevent or treat. Fortunately, there are countless hair loss remedies for both men and women. Some of these remedies may even provide immediate and long-lasting results.

Dealing With Hair Loss 7 Remedies For Men And Women

Try out these seven potential remedies for hair loss:

1. Hair Transplant

If you have tried countless products to treat hair loss in the past but to no avail, consider getting
a hair transplant in Philadelphia or in your area. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where a surgeon removes follicles from a dense area of your hair (usually the back of your head) and then implants the follicles on areas of the scalp with hair loss.

Getting a hair transplant is a cost-effective investment as it provides guaranteed results and creates a very natural appearance. Once you’ve fully recovered from the procedure (between six to 12 months), the follicles implanted on your scalp will grow and blend seamlessly with your other healthy hair strands.

2. Onion Juice

Who says you need to break the bank to deal with hair loss? Some of the ingredients you have at home can be used to improve the condition of your hair and may treat hair loss in the long run.

Another potential remedy for hair loss is the application of onion juice to the scalp every day for two weeks. Onion juice has high levels of sulfur that may promote collagen production. Having sufficient levels of collagen contributes to healthy skin cells and faster hair growth.

Aside from this, onion juice may also improve the blood supply to your hair follicles, improving hair growth. This is important as the loss of blood supply to the hair follicles is known to cause severe and chronic hair loss.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are often used to create a relaxing aroma in homes and spas, but did you know that these may also treat hair loss? In fact, the use of essential oil in aromatherapy has been known to treat hair loss for more than 100 years.

Here are three of the best essential oils that may help treat hair loss:


Because it has properties that help in the growth of cells and hair follicles, lavender oil may treat hair loss. It also contains antibacterial properties that may help combat itchy scalp and improve its overall condition.


Peppermint oil may increase the blood circulation of the area where it’s applied to. Applying a generous amount of peppermint oil to your scalp may promote healthy hair growth and increase the number of hair follicles.


Thanks to its ability to improve cellular repair and regeneration, rosemary essential oil may also improve your body’s ability to produce more hair.
To use essential oils for hair loss, simply mix several drops of your preferred oil with coconut or olive oil, then apply the mixture to your scalp. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes, and then wash your hair using shampoo. Ideally, it’s recommended to use essential oils at least twice every week to get the best results.

4. Iron

Iron plays a crucial role in the human body. This mineral is responsible for producing haemoglobin in the blood, which in turn carries oxygen for the growth and repair of cells, including the cells that stimulate hair growth.

Increasing your iron intake is a must if you want to treat recurring hair loss. Depending on your preference, you can consume iron supplements or add more iron-rich foods to your diet. If you’re leaning towards the second option, choose to eat more red meat, seafood, beans, and dark green leafy vegetables, as all of these are packed with iron.

5. Biotin

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin may also help treat and prevent hair loss. This vitamin stimulates keratin production in the hair and increases the ability of hair follicles to grow and recover from damages.

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of biotin: you can use hair products containing biotin or consume more food with healthy levels of biotin. Some of the most popular biotin-rich foods are egg yolks, organ meats (kidney and liver), nuts, whole grains, and bananas.

6. Green Tea

Green tea has compounds called ‘epigallocatechin gallate’ or ECGC that may prevent hair loss. ECGC also promotes healthy and fast hair regrowth by stimulating the production of hair follicles in the body.

Aside from drinking green tea three to five times every day, you may also reap benefits by applying it directly to your scalp. Simply brew two bags of green tea to two cups of water, cool it down, and then apply and leave on your scalp for 30 minutes. Cover your head using a plastic cap to prevent any mess, and rinse your hair with cold water afterwards.

7. Smart Hair Care

Having a poor hair care routine or not having any routine at all can be the reason why you’re losing a lot of hair. If you suspect that this is the culprit, start changing your lifestyle by sticking to a healthier hair care routine.

Generally, your hair care routine should include the following:

Be gentle with wet hair. If possible, don’t comb wet hair because this is when your hair is at its weakest. Instead, pat your hair dry using a towel, and comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb after.

Avoid using hot rollers and curling irons as these may weaken your hair. Weak hair is very susceptible to hair loss and other hair problems.

Drink more water every day to flush out pollutants and toxins that may cause hair loss. Proper hydration is also essential to prevent your scalp from drying and promote hair growth.

Consistency Is Key

There are countless ways to treat and prevent hair loss but keep in mind that your ability to treat hair loss depends on your consistency. Consuming foods with vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair growth will be useless if you only stick to it for just a few days or weeks.

Increase your chances of treating hair loss by changing your lifestyle for good to accommodate all of the tips in this article. When taking care of your hair becomes innate to you, it won’t be long before you can finally have healthy and strong hair!

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