How to Take Proper Care of Your Trail Running Shoes

How to Take Proper Care of Your Trail Running Shoes

Take Proper Care of Your Trail Running Shoes – After running, storing your runner shoes in a cool and dry place is important. Storage is the first part of taking care of your trail running shoes. Taking care of your shoes ensures they last longer, and you get to use clean shoes each time you do some fitness training. This article will highlight some tips on how you should take care of your shoes.

Consistent Cleaning

After getting back from your workout, keeping your workout gear clean is important. It is an important discipline when pursuing fitness, and it’s not only your clothes that should be clean after a run. Having a couple of outdoor footwear is important to ensure you have clean shoes for the next run. If you don’t have lots of shoes, deep cleaning should occur on your rest day, and it’s important you observe this schedule, or you may have smelly shoes to contend with when you want to run. Use sneaker wipes to do some spot cleaning, and they come in handy when you want to rush into your house without taking off your shoes.

Do not use a Washing Machine

Washing runner shoes requires a personal touch, and it should be a chance for you to ensure your shoes are in good condition. A washing machine may seem like a quick shortcut, but it will ruin your shoes. The washing machine will reduce the holding capacity of your glue, leading to quicker tears along the stitches. Shoes like Hoka need proper attention to detail and throwing them in the washing machine will reduce their quality and life span.

Rotate your pairs of shoes

Athletics is a demanding sport; owning one pair of shoes will lead to wear and tear quickly. Road running puts so much stress on your midsoles and having one trail running shoe will only add to the stress on your soles. Get yourself another pair and use them for the trails you will run to ensure they last longer.

Dry your shoes properly

Humid weather can cause damage to your shoes if you don’t dry them properly. If your shoes don’t dry up properly before the next run, the glue that binds the stitches together will loosen its grip. First, you must remove your insoles and set them aside because your feet also sweat while running, and some water may seep from the tongue and collar. After removing the insoles, stuff them with paper towels or newspaper to absorb the water. Remove the paper towels and dry them in the sun or leave them in an airy room if it rains outside.

Use the right shoes for the right purposes

Wear road running shoes on the road or pavement, trail shoes on a trail, and race shoes for marathons. Trail shoes have extra grip because of the uneven terrain, and the shoes are built to withstand the dirt and stone you will find when running. These shoes may wear out faster on concrete, so it’s best you use them for their intended purpose. Road running shoes don’t have the same grip as trail shoes. Using them on the trail would be a big mistake as you could slip on a slippery rock and cause an injury. Race shoes are designed for fast running in competitions. These shoes are lighter because they were made for speed. As it is knowing that with proper insoles, you can have more support in your feet and create a more comfortable experience for yourself, you can look at shoe insoles from Protalus to find the one that will fit you best.

Replace your shoes

There comes a time when your shoes have run their course. It depends on the distance you’ve run over time, weight, stride pattern, and how durable they are. It’s recommended you replace them after 400 to 500kms, and if you have a running application, it will be easier to know when to replace them. You can also check your soles and see if they are worn out. If they are, it is time to get new shoes and enjoy your runs.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your fitness involves many activities; one thing you should never overlook is your shoes. We hope this article has shed some light on how you should take care of your trail shoes. You must take your time to maintain your shoes because it will add more value to your running.

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