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Excellent Items to Get for Your Next Collection Idea

Excellent Items to Get for Your Next Collection Idea (1)

Excellent Items to Get for Your Next Collection Idea – Some people enjoy collecting anything, from the smallest piece to the most prominent object that piques their interest. Collectors enjoy their trade, and it is rare to see compulsive collectors, also known as hoarders. So, if you want to start this hobby, we can give you brilliant ideas on what to get first based on the categories and areas that are currently popular.

Collection Ideas That You Need to Know


Antiques are among the most expensive yet unique items to collect. To begin, you can visit physical stores and see what valuable items are available. You can start by collecting old vases, music boxes, etc. You can also search the internet to see if there are any online shops or people in the market selling antiques.


Most mothers or ladies prefer to collect various plates. Aside from being a long-lasting collection, each piece is unique. Furthermore, these locations are available in both physical and online stores. If you start with one and eventually buy in bulk, you may want to consider purchasing rare pieces from other countries. 

Stuff Toys

Stuffed toys make excellent starter collections for both children and adults. These adorable toys are ideal for displaying in your living room and bedrooms. Some collectors get into the hobby by collecting items from claw machines or custom plush that they receive for their birthdays. Furthermore, these kinds of items are not particularly expensive, to begin with. So, if you get stuffed animals as prizes at carnivals on occasion, you can start collecting more.

Alarm Clocks

If you are a heavy sleeper, an alarm clock may be necessary to remind you that it is time to wake up. So, with those clocks you can buy as a reminder, why not start a collection? Since 2010, the most extensive clock collection has belonged to Jack Schoff of the United States of America, who has amassed 1,509 different working clocks, including alarm clocks. You can use him as a model for your work.

Bonsai Trees

Plant enthusiasts who own Bonsai trees can create a collection. The United Kingdom has one of the most extensive bonsai collections in the world. There is an annual bonsai competition at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show as part of the autumn gardening event in the area. So, if you want to see unique and beautiful bonsai that you can take home, you should begin by attending the event. If not, you can still look into local plant stores in your area.

Action Figures

 If you want to start a collection of action figures, there are many different types. Anime fans will enjoy seeing their favourite characters come to life on display, especially with Marvel superheroes from their favourite comic books and movies. The G.I Joe Prototypes are one of the most expensive action figures ever made, costing around $200,000. Not all collectors can afford this rare item, but it is also a good idea to have a collection from this group.


Pens are the simplest collectables, to begin with, because you use them every day. You can start by purchasing pens for everyday use and then gradually add them to your collection. You can also buy one of the most expensive types, the Conway Stewart Westminster Teal Pen, for around $1,800. Angelika Unverhau of Dinslaken, Germany, currently has the most extensive collection of ball-point pens, with 285,150. That is, undoubtedly, the most comprehensive collection you can ever have.

The Final Takeaway

Collecting items such as antiques and pens can become a hobby or a business that you can start. According to medical professionals, there are also therapeutic claims if someone collects something. In the end, it is your happiness that is most important.


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