Interested In Getting A Paternity Test? Everything You Need To Know About the Different Testing Options

Interested In Getting A Paternity Test

Interested In Getting A Paternity Test – DNA paternity test options are recommended to determine if the man is the biological father. The involved experts can use blood test samples, saliva, or cheek swabs of the participants. The testing takes place in a certified medical facility for tests needed for legal purposes. Here are some of the recommended paternity test options available at hand.

Self-kits or Home kits

This testing option is meant to create your piece of mind, hence not applicable for proof for legal reasons. Most people prefer this option because of the cost and convenience aspects. You will need to collect the DNA samples from home and arrange the kit preparation and pick up. Include the names of the participants, addresses, passwords, and contact details for easier communication. You will need to pay a $50 deposit as the kit’s paternity test cost.

Alternatively, you can take the samples back to the office or send an email directly to the lab. You will need to make payment during pick up. Here, you get an opportunity to ask kit-related queries one on one. You can also save yourself more money by buying the kit via the Internet and only incur an administrative charge during pick-up.

Court-Admissible test

A court-admissible paternity test is done by an AABB accredited laboratory that will be admissible in a court of law. The test option is recommendable for the outcome required for governmental or lawful reasons. This could be a change of name, rectification of birth certificate, legal proceedings, military benefits, and paternity disagreements, among others. The outcome takes 3 business days while the test is done by an honest third party who follows the custody guidelines. Samples are tracked and sealed carefully for testing. Other requirements include an identity card for adults and a child’s birth certificate.

Peace of mind testing

If you want to create your peace of mind, consider using the peace of mind testing option. However, the option is not for legal reasons as it is for individual know-how. Even if an independent party collects the DNA samples, no chain of custody is followed. The quality of the outcome and test is guaranteed. The participants will need to report to the collection center for sample collection. You can choose to take the results within 5-7 business days or 3 business days. Learn more about paternity tests to understand the cost involved.

Discreet testing

The discreet testing option involves taking samples such as pulled hair, earwax swabs, chewing gum, toothbrushes, and fingernail clippings, among others, secretly to a certified lab for testing. However, there is no assurance that the DNA will be on the sample provided. It is matched to yours for paternity or maternity determination if it is present.

Prenatal testing

If you are not patient enough to wait until the infant is born, you can also determine paternity by choosing a prenatal testing option. The option comes in different ways, mainly the non-invasive and invasive prenatal paternity DNA tests. The samples are either taken from the placental tissues or the amniotic fluid or compared to the cell sample of the non-gestational parent.


Now that you have understood the paternity testing options available consider checking out a certified medical facility within your reach. Make sure you have compared the paternity test cost as different facilities have varying charges.

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