5 Tips To Prepare Senior Family Members To Move To Assisted Living 

5 Tips To Prepare Senior Family Members To Move To Assisted Living

5 Tips To Prepare Senior Family Members To Move To Assisted Living – One of the most challenging decisions you have to make at some point is moving a senior family member to assisted living. Even when you want them to stay with you so you can take care of them, you also need to think of what’s for your senior loved ones’ best interests. Their needs are constantly changing and you have a life of your own to take care of.

Moving your aging parents or grandparents to assisted living might be what they need so that they can receive proper professional care. Once you’ve decided on moving your loved ones to assisted living, the next challenge is to prepare your senior loved one for the transition. It won’t be an easy adjustment and process.

With proper planning and enough preparation, the move can be smooth for everyone. Below are some tips that could help you out:

Let Them Know The Time Frame For The Move

One of the most crucial things you need to keep in mind is that your senior family member also reserves the right to be updated on the timeline for the move. Letting them know what’s going on makes them feel that you value their opinion and feelings. The moment you all decide to move your elderly to assisted living is also the time to involve them with what’s happening moving forward.

That means you’ll need to consider their opinion when you start looking for their next home. Take your older loved one with you when checking facilities or asking for caregiver credentials so that they won’t feel left out. You must also let them know when you plan on moving them so they can prepare themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Give Them All The Support They Can Get

5 Tips To Prepare Senior Family Members To Move To Assisted Living

The decision of moving your senior family member to assisted living isn’t an easy one, and they’ll need all the care they can get to accept what’s about to happen. To make sure they feel supported, let the whole family know, especially those relatives you don’t get to talk to or see that often. That way, everyone can plan for a visit or a get-together before the big move.

You’ll also need the support and help of your other family members when it comes to visiting opportunities. There may be times you’ll be busy, and you won’t be able to visit in a week or a month. When that happens, it’s comforting to know you can count on a support system that’ll take your place in your absence.

Visit The Community With Them

Before moving, it might help to visit the community or the facility before actually moving your senior family member there. That way, they can get quickly acquainted and be more familiar with the environment. Plus, you can encourage them to get more involved so that your elderly will feel more comfortable once they’ve settled in.

The visits will also allow you to check the different senior-focused wellness activities and fitness programs that could keep your loved one busy, healthy, and active. Let them move around to get a feel of the place and encourage them to talk to fellow residents and staff.

Help Them Sort And Organize Their Stuff

Another big step you need to take when moving your senior family members to assisted living is sorting and organizing their possessions. Occasionally, it can be difficult for a person to part with sentimental objects that they consider valuable belongings. When decluttering, take note that you can’t bring everything, and eventually, you’ll need to leave most of their things behind.

You can store their other belongings in an empty room or ask a relative to hold onto them, but make sure you keep an inventory. Store important papers in a secure location. You can scan them or take photos for inventory purposes too. Before stacking the boxes or storage bins, label them correctly to keep them organized.

Pack all their essentials neatly and efficiently. Have a go-bag that contains their medication, personal care items, and other supplies that they need immediately.

Don’t Cut The Connection

Once your loved one is already in assisted living, try your best to make time for them still. Visit when you can, especially on special occasions. Keep the connection alive so they know you’re always keeping them in your heart and mind. Bring family members with you when visiting, and spend the whole day on the visit alone.

Final Words

The move to aided living isn’t an easy transition for both you and your senior family members. It’s crucial that you plan ahead and do your best to prepare them so it won’t be more complicated than it already is.

Update them on the time frame, visit the community with them, support them all the way, and help them declutter, sort, and pack their things. Lastly, keep the connection alive so your elderly won’t feel alone and left out.


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