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Proteins Supplements Write For Us

Proteins Supplements Write For Us – There are many proteins supplements products on the market. This particular type of dietary supplement tends to be reserved for power athletes such as wrestlers, weight lifters and bodybuilders. In these sports, a diet rich in protein is, in fact, an essential prerequisite for ensuring maximum muscle growth.

In protein supplements, the caloric percentage supplied by the proteins must be dominant with respect to that supplied by the other nutrients. There are protein supplements on the market enriched with vitamin B6, which, thanks to its action, promote the metabolization of amino acids.

Are Protein Supplements Useful?

As mentioned in the introduction, protein supplements increase muscle mass. Whatever people say, this hypothesis is so scientifically proven that the daily protein recommended for these athletes is between one and a half and two grams per kg of body weight (against the 1-1.2 g recommended for the average population). An athlete of eighty kilograms of normal weight would need about 120-160 grams of protein daily.

A similar protein quota is essential to deal with the continuous protein turnover and to assist the stimulating action of physical exercise on synthesising anabolic hormones ( GH, testosterone and IGF-1 ).

A diet excessively rich in proteins of animal origin is correlated to an increase in the incidence of some forms of cancer, such as colon cancer. This relationship is partly due to the cooking and preservation methods used and partly to its saturated fat content (“the greater carcinogenic power ” is attributed to the fattest cuts of “red” meat, while it is decidedly lower for fish and white meats ). From this point of view, protein integration through dietary supplements is particularly healthy since it avoids excessive use of animal protein sources.

Therefore, a snack based on fruit and whey protein is healthier than a sandwich prepared with preserved meat (often rich in nitrites and nitrates and saturated fats ).

Advantages of Protein Supplements:

Convenience of preparation, intake and storage; good digestibility; possibility of increasing the amount of protein in the diet by reducing the intake of cholesterol and saturated fats.

Some Authors have demonstrated that taking protein supplements together with carbohydrates in the first two hours after the end of strength training significantly affects the increase in plasma insulin values ​​and, subsequently, growth hormone, stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Protein supplements are highly bioavailable and highly pure, of the highest quality and efficacy, to ensure maximum performance.

Especially with increased physical activity, they can help your body supply an extra amount of protein needed for muscle growth and tissue repair. Protein supplements are a valid aid in supplementing the increased requirement in the event of intense physical activity for the vegetarian or vegan diet.

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