Red Hair – How To Maintain Red Hair? How To Paint Hair Red? Steps To Paint Your Hair Red

Red Hair

Red Hair

Red Hair is due to the variations in the gene encoding the MC1R melanotropin receptor. It leads to a predominance of pheomelanin synthesis over eumelanin. A previous study carried out determined that approximately only 1% of the world population is Natural Redhead. Also, they have less hair than their counterparts, but this is much thicker.

Hairstyles are often enhanced with different haircuts, but hair colours are the perfect complement to the frame of your face. From more intense and shiny to duller, darkening our hair a lot, everything will depend on the type of colour we select and the base of our hair. Of course, some women already benefit from having this hair colour by nature;

Red hair dyes are highly variable depending on the manufacturers and brands and the pigmentation of our skin. To give you an idea, if you have brown or ash blonde hair, the red dye will quickly take on your hair, but removing it entirely without damaging the hair may take a few years.

Considerations Before Dyeing Yourself Red

We can choose cherry red, dark, burgundy, wine, intense, or copper hair. You have to consider that dyeing Red colour in our hair carries much more critical and intensive maintenance than any other colour.

If it is the first time you are colouring your hair, I recommend that you do a colour test to see that you are not allergic to the dye since it may have a side effect or your scalp be very sensitive to this type of dye.

You have four characteristics to take into account before dyeing your hair cherry red or the shade that you like the most:

  1. It can limit you in your wardrobe and accessories which you have to adapt all your clothes and clothing from your wardrobe.
  2. The hue of your hair dye should depend on the shade of your skin colour.
  3. The colour you want is never obtained with the first application because the red dye molecules are more complex than other colours.
  4. To remove the red dye colour, you must have patience since it will not go away immediately.

How To Maintain Red Hair?

Red Hair (1)

Consider that having red hair takes maintenance of dedication as well as money. You must keep it every month or every three weeks, depending on how much your root grows.

Hair masks are a good way so that the red dye doesn’t damage your hair as much. The famous trick of mayonnaise for hair leaves your hair much silkier before the mistreatment of the dye.

Another point to keep in mind is that with each wash you do, it will wash out a lot since the colour falls a lot the first days until the dye is done in your hair.

For example, I have it bright red, and when I wash my head, the colour turns dark red; that’s why I started washing my hair every week, with dry shampoo, massaging your hair, and you don’t need water.

Not only is it for red hair, but it works for black hair, blonde hair, chocolate hair, honey hair, and even blue hair to give you an idea.

If you swim or wash your hair daily, consider thinking twice if you want to paint your hair red; since then, to remove the red colour, you must bleach your hair since the red colour is not easily removed.

If you have brown or black hair, you need bleaching, so keep all these recommendations in mind.

How To Paint Hair Red?

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If you want dark red hair to start and see how it looks, you can experiment by buying a very light red dye and your natural dark hair colour, and you will get a dark red hair colour.

But if your idea is to have an intense cherry-type red or red solid colour to start, you first have to know if your hair colour is brown or black; you should bleach your hair.

For this, I recommend that you put coconut oil a few hours before and during bleaching since what benefits us is that the hair does not mistreat so much, I use it, and I assure you that it works wonders.

When you paint your hair, it should be only once a month the root of our hair and every two months the entire hair. It will cause it not to lose colour and the care of our hair since it is the primary basis of this type of change.

It can be applied to straight hair, wavy hair, short hair, or curly hair; all hair types can make this change.

Steps To Paint Your Hair Red:

  1. Wear a shirt or t-shirt that you do not want to get dirty with red dye.
  2. Take off the garters and pins that you can bring in your hair.
  3. Remove all traces of gel or mouse that you have in your hair since it should be as clean as possible so that the dye takes the colour better.
  4. Brushing your hair by undoing the hairstyle you have and removing all the knots that you bring is the basis for having your head accessible and starting to dye.
  5. It would be best to have a plastic container to make the mixture, the dye, the oxidant or hydrogen peroxide, the paintbrush, and some gloves.
  6. Please put on the gloves (never stop using them), take the container, and add only half of the tincture inside.
  7. Then add the oxidant, also only half.
  8. Mix both the dye and the oxidant with the brush (previously put on the gloves).
  9. When you paint your hair, it is to apply all over the hair avoiding 2 centimetres from the root.
  10. To divide the sections of the hair with the back of the brush, we can do it in an orderly way.
  11. After 10 to 15 minutes of application, the same process is repeated but at the roots.
  12. Leave it between 20 and 25 minutes.

How to Remove Red Colour from Hair without Bleaching?

As you well know, removing red hair colour is a challenging task, and almost all the steps are through bleaching. In these steps, we will obtain a solution without damaging our hair.

I clarify that this type of product is not found in all countries, but it exists, and if we search on the Internet, we will surely be able to get it. If you want the name, you can ask me depending on the country of origin, and I will tell you if you can get it.

  1. First, put on a cape so as not to get our clothes dirty and some gloves.
  2. Detangle your hair
  3. Buy a colour remover or colour remover; it removes the colour by oxidation.
  4. Read the instructions and apply, leaving the time recommended by each manufacturer
  5. Apply first in the middle and ends without touching the root, with a brush for dyeing
  6. Apply all the mixture. In my case, it was pot one and then pot 2 massaging the hair through strands from the middle to the ends.
  7. It is like painting hair, but the product is much more liquid and easier to apply.
  8. After waiting the time that the manufacturer says, we wash our hair to remove all traces of the product
  9. The hair should be an orange colour or copper hair
  10. Then, for example, you can apply a Medium Blonde to tone that orange tone that remains, and we use a 30-volume hydrogen peroxide
  11. From this base, we can lighten the colour we want

I hope you like all these tips to have red hair and that if you can share this article with a friend who wants to make this change, I will thank you.

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