Short Hair With Bangs – Types Of Short Hair With Bangs, How To Cut The Bangs?

Short Hair With Bangs

Short Hair With Bangs is more fashionable than ever and bangs too; it’s obvious what the season’s haircut is! But what is the one that best suits the shape of your face? We have the answer from the hand of the ‘celebrities.’

Are you undecided on how to wear your bangs? Have you seen some options but are not convinced? Today you will decide and choose the ideal one for you; We know that most women like to wear bangs.

Now in the new millennium, the bangs have been taken in different styles blunt, straight, long, and short. Many recognized figures have joined in wearing haircuts with bangs.

The fringe is the accessory that frames all faces, and we will teach you to choose which is the ideal one according to your type of face.

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Types Of Short Hair With Bangs

We will share with you numerous haircuts with bangs. Discover the different ideas that we have prepared for you.

1. Blunt Bangs

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This type of blunt bangs is ideal for women with elongated faces and broad foreheads; it also favours round faces by taking them sideways. The cuts with which you can accompany this type of bangs are straight, layered, and bobs.

2. Straight Bangs

The standard of all bangs suits most faces but favours oval ones more, as, for round faces, it does not favour much. The hits can take two forms: short and long.

3. Short Bangs

Women who like to be more relaxed prefer to wear short bangs accompanied by a pixie haircut. The short bangs can be worn in many ways to the side, blunt or diagonal. The perfect faces for short bangs are round ones.

4. Long Bangs

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It is ideal for round faces if worn on one side; it is necessary to have long hair, no matter if the hair is curly or straight.

5. Emo Bangs

This type of cut is worn by the youngest; the bangs are essential in this cut. It is usually worn on its side so that the eyes are covered. Let’s see some images to choose yours if you have an emo cut and want to change it.

6.V Bangs

The bangs in v have a point that aligns with the nasal bridge; it can be worn with any cut; The famed Natalia Oreiro was one (1) of the women who dared to wear this haircut with bangs in v. It goes with all kinds of faces. Would you dare to wear it?

Bangs For 50-Year-Old Women

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The haircuts with bangs for women in their 50s are ideal for women who want to renew their cut and give more freshness to their faces. For this reason, we will provide you with several options of haircuts with bangs; we know that you will love them. The cuts that you will see favour long faces.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis wears a pixie cut with side bangs showing off her grey hair; the beautiful Kris Jenner wears a pixie cut with pointed bangs, which gives a very sophisticated style. The famous ones serve us a lot of inspiration when choosing a new haircut. Go ahead and rejuvenate your face with one of these haircuts with bangs for women of 50 years.

How To Cut The Bangs?

It is no longer necessary to go to the hairdresser to cut your bangs. Cut it yourself. It is effortless and straightforward. You will learn to make a straight bang cut step by step. Before starting the cut, you have to have several considerations; for example, if we wet the bangs and cut more than usual when drying, it can be shorter than desired.

That is why it is recommended to cut it dry when it is your first time. Another recommendation is to cut little by little until you achieve the desired length. For this cut, it is necessary to have hair-cutting scissors and a comb.

  • Part your hair and make a triangle as the image indicates.
  • Make a straight cut at the height of your eyebrows.
  • Go over the cut to be perfect.
  • Comb and wear it open or closed.

Long Bangs Step By Step

As the months go by, the new haircuts that we have made grow, so the bangs no longer look the same as the first day. Let’s move on to making the long bangs step by step! We bring an easy way to cut them so you will avoid going to the hairdresser and the best of all is that you do it yourself in the place you want.

  • Take the strand of the bangs and comb it through.
  • Roll up the entire strand and make a straight cut at the height of your chin.
  • Dampen the bangs and dry them with the hairdryer.
  • Style your hair as usual.

Swirls In The Bangs?

Many women have swirled in their bangs and find it difficult to wear a haircut with bangs. As we know, eddies are hairs that grow on the opposite side of the natural direction, so we have sought the solution to this problem.

The solution is to choose the bangs that fall on the side that you have the swirl; the perfect bangs have many volumes.


When you comb your bangs, do it with the dryer’s heat, which will help the hair where the swirl is to settle more. It would be best if you took good care of the health of your hair, as its dryness could be much more noticeable in a fringe.

Did you like these ideas? You were able to observe a large number of bangs with haircuts, you should take into account your face type. We hope they serve as inspiration for your next haircut with bangs.

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