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Addiction Write For Us – Guest Post Submission, Contribution

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Addiction Write For Us

Addiction Write For Us – Addiction is a chronic and recurrent brain disorder. It is based on seeking relief through consuming or using substances or other similar behaviors. The development of this behavior implies the addicted person’s inability to control it, difficulties with abstention, consumerism, reduced recognition of problems deriving from addiction and personal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. It creates problems in the life of the addicted person and reduces their quality of life.

Addiction Write For Us In addition to addiction to toxic substances (addiction to alcohol and drugs), there are several addictions to:

New technologies (technophilia)

Sex (nymphomania)

Gamble ( pathological gambling )

Video game

Mobile (nomophobia)

addictive symptoms

The symptoms of the disease vary according to the addiction suffered by the patient and the traits of his personality. However, there are several common signs in most cases of addiction:

Loss of control over use, with episodes of compulsive use affecting the person’s life in general.

Sad mood


Limited quality of life

Denial or self-deception



Excessive restlessness or worry



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What Are The Causes Of An Addiction?

Addiction Write For Us

The causes of addiction are multiple and interact in complex ways, resulting in an addictive disorder. The reasons are different for each patient, so each case must be individualized. An examination of his personal and family history must be carried out to make the most appropriate diagnosis.

Personality factors play a crucial role in the development of addiction. Some specific features, such as B.’s difficulty dealing with his feelings, or a low frustration tolerance, favor an addiction disorder.

Addiction Treatments

Depending on each patient’s situation, different methods of treating other addictions exist. Below we find:

Individual psychiatric treatment

Individual and group psychotherapy

Support groups

A couple and family therapy

Counseling and therapy sessions for family and friends

Once the patient can leave the addiction, he will recover to regain control of his life and be productive again. In the event of a recurrence, a specialist should be consulted to resume, modify or try another treatment.

Once the patient leaves the addiction, he will follow a recovery process to regain control of his life and be productive again. In the event of a relapse, a specialist should be consulted to restart the treatment, modify it or try a different one.

Medical Addiction Tests

On the one hand, there are self-diagnosis tests that people with addiction symptoms or relatives can carry out to get an initial assessment of the severity of the addiction problem. In many cases, it is those closest to you, such as friends and family, who are the first to spot behaviors or physical or psychological signs of addiction

Specialists follow various diagnostic criteria to detect possible habits:

Drug Addiction Tests

These tests are helpful tools in screening, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring.

Clinical History

It is essential to know the family history to establish a complete clinical picture.

Physical Exam

A specialist can identify several vital signs in a complete medical and physical exam.

Psychopathological Evaluation.

Other than direct interviews, many tests have been used to gather information about clients’ psychological and mental health. Tests addressing the presence and severity of psychopathology include projective methods and objective self-report inventories.

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Addiction Write For Us

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