Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for an Affordable Online Yoga Teacher Training

Affordable Online Yoga Teacher Training

Affordable Online Yoga Teacher Training – There’s more to yoga than physical fitness. With the rising popularity of this ancient tradition in the western world, several yoga schools are now popping up everywhere to teach people how to practice it authentically. The cost of attending yoga classes at reputed institutions may be high. People who cannot afford expensive ashram training can benefit from yoga schools.

Online yoga courses aim to teach you all about Hindu philosophy, meditation practices, and breathing techniques. However, when looking for reliable online yoga teacher training programs, it is vital to choose one that allows you to hone your yoga skills and sharpens your yoga-related knowledge.

Avoid making the following mistakes when looking for an affordable online yoga teacher training course.

Not Looking Live Instruction Option

Most yoga courses available today are strictly online. This means that all teaching is done
through videos, written material or audio recordings. Live sessions by your teacher can be
invaluable during yoga training.

It is vital to have a peaceful, pleasant environment free of distractions to stay focused and
inspired during yoga training. Direct mentoring also means your training and yoga workouts are
monitored and guided by someone who has considerable experience as a yoga practitioner and
asana teacher. So choose a school that offers live instruction options.

Choosing Short Duration Courses

The duration of yoga teacher training courses may vary. Short courses around 200 to 500 hours
long are excellent for people who already have basic to moderate level knowledge of yoga
asanas and practices.

It is essential to stay away from short course packages that will give you a certificate but don’t offer enough time to learn the philosophy and history behind each posture. Don’t be fooled by the short courses claiming to make you a yoga expert in less than three months.

These courses are usually glorified fitness workshops and not authentic, comprehensive yoga
teacher training courses.

Not Checking the Experience and Expertise of Instructors

Traditionally, yogis passed down knowledge orally and through demonstration. Yoga teacher training courses should also be designed the same way. Find out if your prospective teacher has derived training from authentic and experienced yoga instructors.

Assess the reputation and credibility of the institutions from which the instructor learnt yoga. For instance, a trainer who only knows Ashtanga Yoga or Bikram Yoga cannot give you comprehensive yoga training aimed at physical and spiritual growth.

Not Analyzing the Course Structure and Coverage

Choose an affordable online yoga teacher training course that offers detailed coverage of several yoga-related topics like breathing techniques, posture, and transitioning techniques.

The course should also cover aspects like yogic philosophies, the chakra system, pranayamas, and other thought-provoking areas that form part of yogic culture.

Check if the instructor knows these areas. For instance, instructors trained only in Ashtanga
Yoga may not know anything about kleshas, gunas, or chakras. Authentic yoga training courses
focus on mental and psychological development as well as physical development.

Additionally, the course should also cover the business-related aspects.

Reviews and Ratings

Students and instructors should be fully present and actively engaged during the yoga teacher training sessions. Go through online reviews and ratings on the institution’s website to know
what former students have to say.

Not Looking for Flexible Class Schedules

The schedules and session durations should ideally be flexible and convenient. The yoga training institute should give you the freedom to choose your class timings and other aspects.

The institution should also allow you to access classes from anywhere in the world. Students should have the flexibility to complete the training at their own pace.

Final Thoughts

Some advanced yoga teacher training institutions also offer scholarships and other benefits to
students. Define your teacher training requirements before you start looking for a good yoga
teacher training course.

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