Ankle Sprains Write For Us – Ankle sprains most commonly result from twisting the foot inward (inversion). It is prevalent. And also, common signs are pain and swelling predominantly in the anterolateral part of the ankle. Basically, diagnosis is made by stress tests and sometimes x-rays. Moreover, treatment is summarized by the acronym PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation) and early weight-bearing in case of minor sprains and immobilization. However, it is followed by physiotherapy in the case of moderate and severe sprains; some severe sprains require surgical repair.

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Ankle Sprains Write For Us Symptoms Of Ankle Sprains

Basically, ankle sprains cause pain, swelling, and sometimes muscle spasms. The location of pain and swelling depends on the injury:

Firstly, inversion sprains: usually in the anterolateral part of the ankle

Secondly, eversion injuries: maximum on the deltoid ligament

Maisonneuve’s fracture: above the proximal fibula as well as the medial and sometimes lateral aspect of the ankle

Third-degree sprains (complete tears, often involving both medial and lateral ligaments): usually diffuse (sometimes the ankle appears egg-shaped)

Typically, the pain is most significant over the damaged ligaments rather than the bone; pain that is more intense in the bone than in the ligaments suggests a fracture.

Basically, in mild ankle sprains (1st degree), pain and swelling are minimal, but the ankle is weakened and may be susceptible to re-injury. Healing takes hours to days.

Moreover, in moderate to severe (2nd degree) ankle sprains, the ankle is often swollen and bruised; walking is painful and difficult. Healing takes days or weeks.

However, in very severe (3rd degree) ankle sprains, the entire ankle may be swollen and bruised. That is to say, the ankle is unstable and cannot bear the weight. And also, nerves can also be damaged. And also, articular cartilage can be torn, leading to lasting pain, swelling, joint instability, early arthritis, and sometimes gait abnormalities. However, recovery from very severe ankle sprains usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

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Treatment Of Ankle Sprains

PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation) and early mobilization for minor sprains

Immobilization or surgical repair of moderate or severe sprains

Basically, many ankles sprain progress well with minimal treatment and early mobilization. Moreover, splints relieve pain but do not influence the final result. However, crutches are used for all sprains until walking is normal.VIDEO

Another treatment depends on the severity of the sprain:

Firstly, Mild sprains (e.g., 1st degree): RICE and weight-bearing and mobilization as soon as it can be tolerated (usually within a few days)

Secondly, Moderate sprains (e.g., 2nd degree): Treated with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, i.e., Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) with immobilization of the ankle in a neutral position at the means of a commercially available posterior splint or boot, followed by mobilization treatment and physical therapy

Severe sprains (e.g., 3rd degree): Immobilization (possibly with a cast), perhaps surgical repair, and physical therapy

Lastly, Lower peroneotibial sprains are usually treated with a cast for several weeks.

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