How A Neck Roll Pillow Can Help People With Sleeping Disorders

Neck Roll Pillow

Neck Roll Pillow Can Help People With Sleeping Disorders – There’s a direct link between having enough quality sleep and you being in good health. But if you suffer from a sleeping disorder, getting a good night’s sleep becomes a considerable challenge. One of the most common sleeping disorders is insomnia, which has a reciprocal relationship with chronic neck and back pain. And because dealing with chronic neck and back pain is already hard enough, not having a quality sleep only worsens the situation you’re experiencing further.

An effective way to deal with neck and back pain and improve your sleep quality is by using a quality neck support pillow.  The neck roll pillow does precisely this as it ensures your neck remains in optimal position when sleeping. Therefore, let’s jump ahead and look at how a neck roll can help you deal with your sleeping disorders.

What’s A Neck Roll Pillow? 

Before going any further, it’s best first to know what’s a neck roll pillow. This is crucial if you’ve been waking each day with neck pain, as this makes the neck roll pillow a must-have accessory. Neck roll pillows are portable, small and have a cylindrical shape, and are available in different sizes and shapes.

Other names for these pillows include bolter pillows, cervical pillows, or yoga bolsters. They’re beneficial in dealing with neck pain issues caused by daily habits, such as sitting for extended hours in front of the computer, or poor posture, injury, or chronic conditions like arthritis.

Other symptoms that come along with neck pain include;

  • Muscle spasms
  • Limited range of motion
  • Headaches
  • Poor quality of sleep

The neck roll pillow is recommended as it helps gradually frees you from back and neck pain. Neck pillows usually provide your neck with added support while you’re asleep. They do this thanks to their unique natural curvature allows you to use the neck roll pillow when sitting upright or sleeping for prolonged durations.

How Does a Neck Roll Pillows Help Deal with Sleeping Disorders 

How neck roll pillows benefit you is the next thing you should find if you’re struggling with sleeping disorders. And to elaborate this, let’s take a look at the benefits of using neck roll pillows;

Eliminate Neck Pain 

Today, many people suffer from back and neck pain due to a sedentary lifestyle, which causes spine pain. This pain usually comes about because the cervical spine comprises seven bones around your neck, which start to feel pain due to being tense or distorted for prolonged durations.

The neck roll pillow helps eliminate this pain by ensuring it’s perfectly aligned with your neck while sleeping. Therefore, your body gets to maintain its natural cervical curvature even while asleep, hence enabling your ligaments and muscles to relax and recover their normal length. With no pain in your back, neck, or spine, you won’t have difficulty falling and remaining asleep during the night.

Improve Your Body’s Posture 

You should be careful about your choice of pillow because this will affect your neck’s posture. Sleeping in the wrong posture seriously affects the quality of your sleep as it causes your shoulders and neck to stiffen, leading to poor blood circulation.

Due to this, you start experiencing symptoms such as headaches and pain or numbness of your hand, shoulders, and arm. The pain in your arms and shoulders is usually due to pain originating from the lower cervical spine. In contrast, head-related headaches are in some cases caused by strain to your upper cervical spine.

The neck roll pillow helps alleviate all these issues by improving your posture. As a result, blood flow to your head is improved, meaning you won’t experience any headaches or numbness in your hand. This also helps ease the tension of the muscles around your shoulders and neck. With all of these pains gone, you’ll be able to enjoy more quality sleep and feel fully rested the following day.

Restore Your Neck’s Natural Curvature 

Neck roll pillows have a cylindrical design, meaning they seamlessly blend in with your neck’s normal curvature. Therefore, placing the neck roll beneath your nape while sleeping helps improve your neck’s alignment by promoting the relaxation of the muscles around the neck. Likewise, this pillow helps relieve any nerve pressure.

Thanks to these benefits, the chances of experience pain around your neck due to improper sleeping positions are greatly reduced. This means that neck pain won’t cause you to experience any insomnia, which in the long run ends up affecting your overall wellbeing.

Helps Reduce Sleep Apnea and Snoring 

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes an individual to stop breathing when asleep repeatedly. This sleep-related breathing disorder leads to you stopping and once again starting to breathe while you’re sleeping. You shouldn’t take this sleeping condition lightly because, if left untreated, it can lead to other more severe health issues such as heart complications and high blood pressure.

Fortunately, using the neck roll pillow is an effective way to lower the severity of sleep apnea. This pillow achieves this by ensuring your neck is positioned properly while sleeping, hence, not obstructing the airways. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about snoring either at home or travelling on a bus or airplane.

Provide Therapy and Relieve Tension  

When travelling, your neck or back is prone to eventually experiencing pain due to not being in comfortable positions for extended durations. The neck roll pillow addresses this issue by ensuring that both your back and neck receive proper support even while out on the road. In addition, they act as a form of therapy even when travelling. Therefore, this ensures that you remain relaxed and comfortable regardless of how long you’ve been traveling.

Neck pillows are also effective at easing the tension around your neck. They do this by making your neck feel rejuvenated by simply lying on them for around ten minutes and allowing the better functioning of your neck.

Wake Up Fully Rested 

For you to be fully rested the following day and wake up refreshed, getting a good night’s sleep is necessary. The neck roll pillow helps you accomplish this by providing you with support and correcting your alignment and posture. Because of this, your neck gets the much-needed support that’s necessary for you to experience an improved quality of sleep.

What Are the Different Neck Roll Pillow Fillings?

Neck pillows, like other pillow types, usually contain different filling options. The best filling option is buckwheat hulls originally from Japan, which offer you luxurious support and comfort even when the neck roll pillow is under pressure. You also can choose other fillings for your neck roll pillow, with each having its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here’s an overview of the different fillings for the neck roll pillows;


Neck roll pillows with buckwheat are a perfect choice for offering your neck and head proper support because buckwheat hulls usually hold their shape and interconnect. The buckwheat hulls are also all-natural, allergen-resistant, breathable, and environmentally friendly. With that said, neck roll pillows containing buckwheat hulls produce some noise which can be quite annoying before getting used to it and are a lot more expensive than other fillings. Learn more about it here:


This filling is made from the inner feathers of geese and ducks hence why these pillows are extremely lightweight and soft. You can reshape a neck roll pillow with down filling, depending on your preference. The drawback of the down filling is it’s too soft to provide your neck with enough support, tends to lose its shape easily, and is quite pricey.

Memory Foam:

This filling is cheap, hypoallergenic, and can be found either in shredded or solid form. The memory foam filling is a great choice as it provides both your neck and head with superb support because it perfectly moulds well to pressure and heat. However, this filling isn’t ideal if you sleep in a different position due to its slow pressure response, limited lifespan, and susceptibility to losing heat.


Some neck roll pillows come infused with gel inside them and are ideal for cold or heat therapy. These gel-infused pillows can be placed into a microwave or freezer to support the neck while simultaneously treating it.

Soft Fiber:

This filling is an excellent pick if you want a neck roll pillow that provides the area below your neck with softer support. Neck roll pillows containing soft fiber can either be used below the knees or support your back and are great as they aren’t too firm when providing support.

Therefore, you need to examine this to determine the best filling for your neck roll pillow.

What Are the Uses of Neck Roll Pillows?

Neck roll pillows are a lot more functional than traditional rectangular pillows, which is why they have a lot more uses. With that said, you can also use these pillows together with a standard pillow or on their own to give your neck that much-needed support.

There are various scenarios when you should use the neck roll pillow to offer you support and comfort to relieve neck and back pain. Here are the different instances:

Bed pillow:

The cylinder-shaped design of neck roll pillows makes them an excellent choice for use as bed pillows. These pillows have a smaller dimension compared to the standard bed pillows, thereby making them a perfect choice if you’ve got a small stature or a back sleeper. You should use the neck roll pillow alongside the traditional bed pillow by placing it below this pillow. This way, your neck curvature is above the neck roll pillow while your head is resting over the conventional pillow.

Orthopedic Pillow:

Because neck roll pillows are cylindrical in shape, they can be used to correct pain-causing or unpleasant body postures. This is important as it helps provide your head and neck with support plus raise your ankles, knees, or any other body part.

Under Arm support:

If you’re a side sleeper, you should get a neck roll pillow as it provides your body’s upper part with excellent support.  Because of this, you don’t have to worry about later in the night rolling over and sleeping on your stomach.

Additional support:

If you enjoy watching movies or reading while in bed, the cervical pillow comes quite in handy. This pillow does this all thanks to its thicker design can be placed over or below your current bed pillow to experience more loft. With a bigger pillow below your head, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable.


You can also use the neck roll pillow to provide your arm with added support while you’re using your laptop or reading.

Travel pillow:

There’s a certain design of neck roll pillows that allows you to enclose it around your neck while sitting in an upright position. They’re often used when in a car or airplane, hence why they’re called travel pillows. With the travel pillow wrapped around your neck, your head gets solid support, meaning you’ll feel a lot more rested.

Are Neck Roll Pillows Effective?

Neck roll pillows are no doubt great as they’re very effective in reducing neck pain and, consequently, enable you to enjoy more quality sleep. These pillows do a great job improving your comfort and rest regardless of your sleeping position. The neck roll pillow does this because it effectively realigns your upper spinal area and neck to achieve proper posture. Therefore, it’s very effective at relieving both temporary and chronic neck pain.

But to reap the most gain from neck roll pillows, you first need to know your favourite sleeping position. This is crucial because your choice of the pillow also helps deal with neck pain and the quality of your sleep. Ideally, you want to choose a pillow that supports your cervical spine’s natural shape regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Let’s take a deeper look at this;

Side sleepers:

If you sleep on your side, the perfect pillow to get is that one that’s higher below your neck compared to your head. The neck roll pillow does this job perfectly by preventing your neck from bending unnaturally and simultaneously supporting you. It also needs to be thick enough to prevent your head from sinking too much due to pressure.

Stomach Sleepers:

The neck roll pillow isn’t recommended if you’re a stomach sleeper. Instead, you should get a thin pillow that ensures your spine remains straight.

Back sleepers: 

Using the neck roll pillow is advisable if you sleep on your back. This is because this pillow’s cylindrical shape means it perfectly fits below your neck. Therefore, your neck gets the much-needed support, and you won’t experience any pain or stiffness the following morning.


The neck roll pillow has numerous benefits, from improving sleep quality, boosting relaxation, and promoting proper alignment. With all these benefits, it’s clear why you should get this pillow to help address any back or neck pain that might affect you from getting quality sleep. Subsequently, you’ll also realize an improvement in your overall wellbeing and health.


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