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Vagus Nerve Write For Us

Vagus Nerve Write For Us

The vagus or pneumogastric nerve is one of the twelve human cranial nerves, more precisely, the tenth. The paired (or paired) cranial nerves are fundamental neural structures that arise at the level of the brain and may have sensory or motor functions or both (i.e. a mixture). The name of the vagus nerve comes from the Latin nervus vagus. “Its root means to wander, and it describes how the body wanders, just like a wanderer.

The vagus nerve is the primary representative of the nerve fibres that make up the parasympathetic nervous system: according to some studies, it accounts for about 75% of the latter. Inside the human body, it travels a long way: from its birth in the medulla oblongata, it passes through the carotid artery, through the neck, descends into the chest and reaches the abdomen. In its course to the abdomen, it produces multiple innervations: with the external auditory canal, with the trachea, with the stomach, with the lungs, with the stomach, with the intestines etc.

The vagus nerve divides into two: one that runs down the right and the other down the left side of the human body. It originates from the brainstem approximately behind the ears and extends down each side of the neck, across the chest, and into the abdomen.

The vagus nerve connects the brainstem to almost every body part (organ), including the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, and gallbladder. It moves through almost all essential organs. It is like a tremendous and critical highway or a transatlantic telephone cable with thousands and thousands of fibres inside, specialists compare.

“80% of these cables are sensors, which means that the vagus nerve in its entirety is reporting what is happening in all the organs of the body to the brain,” Kevin Tracey, president of the Feinstein Institute in New York, described to the BBC. and a pioneer in the study of this nerve.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Vagus Nerve Write For Us  Medical treatments stimulate the vagus nerve for therapeutic reasons, using a small device similar to a pacemaker that gives an electrical impulse.

Currently, it has limited medical use for conditions such as depression and epilepsy that are difficult to treat.

“The device sends a gentle, regular electrical stimulation along the (vagus) nerve to the brain. Somehow this calms the irregular brain activity that leads to seizures. So it may be that activation of the vagus nerve causes the brain to release chemicals, neurotransmitters, that reduce seizure activity,” explained Dr. van Tulleken.

But its effectiveness varies greatly depending on the patient.

Vagus Nerve Injuries

Symptoms of an injury along the vagus nerve depend on where the damage is located. Because the vagus nerve and its branches innervate so many different structures in the body, symptoms can range from pharyngeal or velopalatine paralysis to gastric acid secretion or heart rate disturbances.

Unilateral lesions of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, a subdivision of the vagus nerve, can consequence in vocal cord paralysis in the paramedian location. Bilateral recurrent laryngeal lesions can lead to paralysis of both vocal cords, resulting in a weak, whisper-like voice and possibly death due to obstacle of the trachea by the vocal cords. This results in a hoarse, breathy voice and even diplophony, or double voice. On the other hand, unilateral lesions of the superior laryngeal nerve do not usually cause dysphonia, but bilateral lesions may restrict tone control.

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Vagus Nerve Write For Us

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Vagus Nerve Write For Us

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