Best CPAP Masks for Stomach Sleepers in 2022

Best CPAP Masks for Stomach Sleepers in 2022

Best CPAP Masks for Stomach Sleepers in 2022 

Most people have a certain position that they customarily sleep in. They may not be able to fall

asleep at all unless they are in their preferred position. Only about 16% of people habitually sleep

on their stomachs, making it the rarest sleeping position.

Stomach sleeping isn’t a terrible position if you have sleep apnea. It can help to reduce airway

obstruction because gravity pulls down on the tissues of your throat and mouth. However, finding

a CPAP mask that allows you to lie on your stomach comfortably can be a challenge. A bulky

mask may force your head into a position that puts stress on your neck, which can cause

stiffness the next day. Sleeping on your stomach may also push your mask into your face, which

can cause air leaks and is uncomfortable.

Nasal pillow masks, such as the ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow CPAP mask with headgear, are

widely regarded as the best for stomach sleeping. They do not cover the nose but instead rest

underneath it, keeping contact with the nostrils. The low profile of the nasal pillow mask helps to

prevent the problems that larger masks can cause people who sleep on their stomachs. The

masks are less likely to become displaced or knocked off completely while you sleep.

What To Do When You Sleep On Your Stomach And Have Sleep Apnea

If you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, you may have trouble using a nasal pillow

CPAP masks because the air doesn’t go where you need it. However, you can address this

problem with a chin strap that holds your mouth closed while you sleep, giving the air no place

else to go but into your airway where it is needed.

Some types of nasal pillow masks position air tubes on either side of the face alongside the

temples. This type may not work if you sleep on your stomach because the flow of air may be

restricted. You may be able to prevent this problem if you use a pillow that is thin, not too firm, or

made specifically for sleeping on your stomach. Another way to prevent this problem is to sleep

with your head facing down with your forehead resting on the pillow. This puts no pressure on the

air tubes at the sides if that is the type of nasal pillow mask you are using. It also helps gravity to

work in your favour to prevent obstructions by pulling the throat and mouth tissues away from the


Reviewing the Best Choices for My Sleep Needs

The best type of mask for sleep apnea patients who sleep on their sides is one with a low profile

that is less likely to get knocked off, pushed out of place, or put stress on your neck. Often, this

means a nasal pillow mask, but there are other low-profile options if you do not like this

configuration. Once you decide on a mask that meets your sleep needs, you can purchase it along

with other CPAP supplies from an online vendor.

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