4 Reasons Why Online Cycling is the Way of the Future

Why Online Cycling is the Way of the Future

Why Online Cycling is the Way of the Future – If you have an exercise bike at your home, you’ll know that it is the best way for fitness training. Gone are the days when you had to rush to the gym to find the right cycle to jump on to, even before someone else gets to it that is. These days, especially post-pandemic, people are more than willing to have their own cosy corner in their homes and exercise whenever they want. Now, with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality, the fitness game has gained a few pounds too. Newer and newer fitness apps, gadgets and schedules are cropping up all year round.

The newest in this regard is Vingo, a virtual reality app that will take your fitness routine into a whole new dimension. Vingo uses highly detailed maps & takes you into them. All you have to do is fix a screen in front of you while you start cycling. It is a futuristic app with a lot of features. Let’s have a look at them while we understand how online cycling is becoming the norm of the future.

1) Be Inside the Safe Interiors

Indoor Cycling is not exactly better than outdoor cycling, true. We miss all the scenery, the fresh air, the warm sun and much more. But with the right equipment at the right place, you won’t have to miss them on the indoors. Vingo will take care of the scenery with new locations added to them almost every day. You can select a new location every day and start cycling in them, at the safety of your homes.

2) It Requires a Very Low Investment

Online cycling is comparatively a lower investment when compared to outdoor cycling. You save a lot on the bike, outfits, gear etc. On Vingo, you can get all of them for free, as you complete fitness challenges you set for yourself. It is an Indoor Cycling App which you can enjoy at a really low expense.

3) Cycling Indoors Doesn’t Affect Schedule

Cycling inside your home / office doesn’t require you to err too much away from your schedule. You can easily pick a specific timing of your day & start cycling. Otherwise, you can do it any time you want. Morning, evening or even in the middle of the day, when you feel like doing it, you can do it. With Vingo on your screen, you can make your own work-out schedule.

4) Provides You with Worldwide Connections

With a good app like Vingo, there comes the additional option of social connectivity. This feature helps you to connect with people through voice chat, in real time. You can also join communities and encourage people with similar interests as that of you.

One important thing most people overlook is the power of motivation and the power of doing things together. When you play or workout with a buddy online, it is easy for you to track your progress and keep the motivation up. It helps you to concentrate on the workout & gives urgent care for the workouts.

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