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Eyeliner Write For Us

Eyeliner might be part of your daily beauty routine, but have you ever wondered what this popular cosmetic is made of?

This may help your eyes stand out or look more extensive, and it can even change their shape. Even if you’ve never used eyeliner before, all you need is a little practice to take your makeup to the next level!

Basically, Eyeliner is a type of cosmetic that is worn along the edge of the eye. Many kinds of eyeliner can create effects ranging from the most dramatic to the most subtle. However, there are four main categories of eyeliner: liquid, powder-based pencil, wax-based pencil, and kohl. Moreover, Liquid eyeliners and pencils are available in almost any colour imaginable, including the glittery varieties.


Like many cosmetics, eyeliner can vary widely in formulation, but a few key things constantly seem to come into play. Essentially, three types of ingredients are typically required: film formers, thickeners, and pigments. However, it is true regardless of which formula you choose to use.

Uses of Eye Liner

  • Eyeliner help to make your eyes look bigger and extra well-defined.
  • Eye liner is applied on the upper and lower lashes of the eyes.
  • After applying of liner pencil the eyes look like elegant and defined.
  • This gives your eyes a smoky look.
  • Depending up on the thickness of the eye liner the eyes can be created natura ,bold and delicate.
  • These are used for making eyebrows too which look more vibrant and long lasting eyes.
  • It may create your face too attractive and good looking.

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